EU confirms exemption for Norwegian steel

Norway’s trade agreement with the European Union (known as the EØS-avtale) was getting credit for its official exemption this week from the EU’s new retaliatory customs duty on steel. It’s being imposed in response to the US Trump Administration’s own new import tax on steel, but the head of Norway’s anti-EU Center Party wouldn’t admit […]

Solberg caught in Britain’s quarrel

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg landed squarely in the middle of the Brexit quarrels going on within her counterpart Theresa May’s own party and in the British Parliament as well. Solberg doesn’t seem to think the British will wind up with an agreement like the one Norway has with the EU. In addition come the […]

Solberg secures the EU’s trade support

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg is in the midst of one of her busiest and arguably most important weeks ever. After securing support from top EU officials in Brussels for exemption from retaliatory import fees aimed at the US, Solberg was meeting in London Wednesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May and then she’ll take […]

First shots fired in Trump’s trade war

Norway’s foreign minister is worried, shares in Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro slumped heading into the weekend, and NATO allies are feeling both insulted and angry. When exemptions from US President Donald Trump’s punitive customs duty on steel and aluminum imports expired on Friday, most all of the US’ allies including Norway were hit hard, […]

China’s envoy talks tough on trade war

Wang Min, China’s ambassador to Norway, was traveling around the southern portion of the country this week when he spoke warmly about trade between China and Norway but launched a tirade against the US. If US President Donald Trump wants a trade war, the envoy said, he’ll get it, “and China will fight to the […]

Solberg blasts Trump’s trade war

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg hurled unusual criticism on Friday at the country she normally calls “our biggest ally,” the US, while speaking before 700 members of the Conservative Party she leads. She’s not at all happy with the trade war US President Donald Trump has launched against China and a growing list of other […]

‘No hiding’ from Trump’s trade war

Norwegian analysts and industrial players are among those claiming that US President Donald Trump’s trade war with China can have grave consequences for Norway’s economy as well. The country’s national industrial organization Norsk Industri warns that it also poses a major test of Norway’s own trade agreement with the European Union (EU). “This is no […]

Norway caught in Trump’s trade war

Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide disclosed on Friday that the US Trump Administration has not exempted Norway from its harsh new tariffs on steel and aluminum. The Norwegian government, which earlier had criticized the US’ threatened protectionism, called US President Donald Trump’s new trade barriers “serious and worrisome.” “American authorities informed us late last night […]

Norway waits out Trump’s trade war

While the EU loads its canons for a threatened trade war with the US’ Trump Administration, Norway’s foreign minister has decided to “sit still in the boat,” as Norwegians are fond of saying. Norway has no immediate plans to strike back, but reserves the right to do so if it deems necessary. “Norway hasn’t prepared […]

Norwegians back their deal with EU

Norwegians still don’t want to join the European Union (EU), but there’s little if any desire among them to scrap the trade deal they have that gives Norway full access to the EU’s inner market. Any hopes for a “Norwegian Brexit” seem dashed, according to the results of a new survey released this week. Only […]