Norwegians back their deal with EU

Norwegians still don’t want to join the European Union (EU), but there’s little if any desire among them to scrap the trade deal they have that gives Norway full access to the EU’s inner market. Any hopes for a “Norwegian Brexit” seem dashed, according to the results of a new survey released this week. Only […]

New Brexit anxiety as talks resumed

UPDATED: Speculation was running high this week over a third round of Brexit talks that got underway amidst concerns of a reported deadlock. Norwegian officials are following the process of Britain’s pending exit from the EU as closely as possible, not least because of what it will mean for Norway’s own relations with both the EU and […]

Free trade talks resume with China

Negotiations finally started up again last week on a free trade agreement between Norway and China, but Norwegian salmon exporters are getting impatient. As of last week, there’d been little if any progress on getting China to open up its market. “We had expected that trade would be normalized during the summer,” Sigmund Bjørgo, chief […]

Norway earmarks more aid to Portugal

Portugal’s outgoing ambassador to Norway is getting a nice going-away gift after her four years in Oslo. The two countries signed a new agreement this week regarding the use of NOK 900 million (EUR 96 million) worth of grants that Norway finances in order to have access to the EU’s inner market. Norway’s foreign ministry announced […]

Poll shows unrest over EU trade deal

Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of Norway’s trade deal with the European Union (EU), called the EØS avtalen, but there was no big celebration. Instead, a new poll shows that nearly half the Norwegian population wants to put the deal up for a vote, and possibly alter or scrap it. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported on Tuesday that […]

Norway finally welcomed in China

UPDATED: Prime Minister Erna Solberg landed in Beijing on Friday and launched what some were calling her government’s ambitious four-day “fishing trip” to China. Backed by fellow ministers and a delegation of more than 200 Norwegian business leaders, they all hope to hook lots of new trade deals and even discuss human rights issues, just not right now. […]

‘Norway Creates Jobs in the US’

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende flew to Washington DC this past week with a bold and unusual message for the new US Trump Administration and Republican politicians who support it. Armed with statistics compiled with the help of the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, Brende intended to prove how a foreign country like Norway doesn’t threaten to take jobs […]

Stocks up, trade down with Trump

The so-called “Trump effect” is boosting some businesses in Norway, but troubling those involved in international trade who rely on long-term export income. The Oslo Stock Exchange has jumped since US real estate tycoon and showman Donald Trump became president, but his protectionist attitudes are also fueling the most trade uncertainty in years. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that […]

EU’s negotiator vows to defend EEA deal

Norwegian leaders seemed relieved after an all-day visit on Wednesday from Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief negotiator for a new trade deal with Great Britain after it leaves the EU. The Brexit talks will have a major impact on Norway, which will need to negotiate a new trade deal of its own with Britain as it winds up […]

Brende expects a free-trade freeze

After some careful and restrained initial reaction, Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende is now speaking out on what the election of Donald J Trump as US president may mean for trade and the Norwegian economy. Brende sees no reason to retract some critical comments he made about Trump back in August, and thinks the prospects for more free trade will […]