Moon added to a cruise-ferry’s glow

There are only two nights of the year when one of Color Line’s two cruise-ferries, which run between Oslo and Kiel in Germany, is in port overnight and all lit up: on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. This year, a special moon added to the vessel’ ambiance as the Christmas holidays got underway. Color […]

Oslo-Stockholm train line saved

Swedish railway SJ has announced that it will continue to operate three high-speed train routes between Oslo and Stockholm, after gaining assurances from Norwegian railroad officials that rail improvements will be made on the Norwegian side of the border. The Swedish operator had threatened to shut down the popular line because of problems on Norway’s […]

More reindeer meet tragic fate

Sami reindeer herders and not least their animals suffered yet another tragedy during the weekend, when a passenger train run by railway NSB plowed once again into a herd of around 80 reindeer grazing on the tracks. Around 20 had to be killed because they were so badly injured. It’s the latest in a string […]

More reindeer run over by cargo train

Another 17 reindeer were run over and killed by a train on Wednesday, after they’d wandered onto open railroad tracks while grazing in north central Norway. The latest in a string of animal tragedies occurred just as state authorities sat in a meeting with state railroad Bane Nor in an effort to prevent them. Norwegian […]

Errant trains slaughter reindeer herds

State railroad agency Bane NOR had been alerted to grazing reindeer along a stretch of its Nordlandsbanen line through Helgeland over the weekend, but Bane NOR officials never managed to pass on the warning to those operating the trains themselves. Three of them thus crashed right into the herds, killing 106 reindeer over the past […]

Train bosses apologize for delays

After another round of train delays and cancellations, the leaders of both state railroad BaneNor (formerly Jernbaneverket) and railway NSB have apologized to passengers and especially commuters in the Oslo area. They also claim service will improve. “We’re sorry there have been so many delays this autumn,” Geir Isaksen, chief executive of NSB, told reporters […]

Stockholm-Oslo train line threatened

It rolled out just two years ago as a fast and environment-friendly alternative to flying between Oslo and Stockholm, but now Swedish train company SJ says it may need to shut down its high-speed service. SJ is unhappy over delays in infrastructure improvements on the Norwegian side of the border. Norway’s own railroad, now called BaneNor, […]

Transport spending creates jobs

The state is spending billions on improving Norway’s roads and train service, and the investment in transport infrastructure seems to be paying off. A recent study showed that it has created 7,840 jobs during the past four years. The figures emerged in a study conducted by the social economic organization Samfunnsøkonomisk Analyse at the request […]

Maintenance work cuts train service

Just as commuters are returning to work after the summer holidays, and tourist season remains in full swing, Norway’s national railroad has forced cuts in train service because of maintenance needs. Oslo’s central train station (Oslo S) will be mostly closed this weekend. “It’s unfortunate that the work is taking longer than fellesferien,” railroad spokesman […]

Power failure strands 400 passengers

Nearly 400 passengers on board the afternoon train from Oslo to Bergen had to be evacuated in a forest area between Hønefoss and Vikersund on Friday, after the train itself tore down its connection to overhead power lines. The situation was described as chaotic. “I heard something like an explosion before the train came to a […]