New car sales shift into high gear

A total of 158,650 new cars were registered in Norway last year, making 2017 an historic year for sales. Only twice before have more cars been sold, in the boom years of 1985 and 1986. The increase amounted to 2.6 percent over 2016 and indicates the resurgence of the Norwegian economy after the oil price […]

Oslo-Stockholm train line saved

Swedish railway SJ has announced that it will continue to operate three high-speed train routes between Oslo and Stockholm, after gaining assurances from Norwegian railroad officials that rail improvements will be made on the Norwegian side of the border. The Swedish operator had threatened to shut down the popular line because of problems on Norway’s […]

Storms close nearly all mountain roads

State highway officials were warning on Friday that any motorists attempting to drive over the mountains of Southern Norway this weekend had better have plenty of warm clothing, food and drink in their vehicles. Snowstorms had closed nearly all main highways by Friday afternoon and there were long waits for convoy escorts on the few […]

First electric bus ready to roll

Oslo’s first all-electric bus is now being readied for some test runs between Mortensrud on the east side of the Norwegian capital and Vika near the western harbour area. Norway has long been a world leader in electric car use, and now that’s spreading to the public transport sector. Website VårtOslo (Our Oslo) reports that […]

New, high tolls cut commuter traffic

The number of cars passing toll plazas into Oslo on Monday fell by 6 percent, according to local transport officials. The reduction was tied to a hefty increase in tolls took effect October 1, aimed at discouraging driving. Numbers collected from toll plazas in Oslo and suburban Bærum between 6:30 and 9am on Monday were […]

Uber pressures regulators

Ride-sharing service Uber concedes that a planned “pause” in operations later this month is aimed at prodding the Norwegian government into reforming current regulations on taxi service in general, and including Uber in them. “We want to signal that we want to be regulated,” Uber’s chief in Norway, Carl Edvard Endresen, told news service NTB. […]

Train bosses apologize for delays

After another round of train delays and cancellations, the leaders of both state railroad BaneNor (formerly Jernbaneverket) and railway NSB have apologized to passengers and especially commuters in the Oslo area. They also claim service will improve. “We’re sorry there have been so many delays this autumn,” Geir Isaksen, chief executive of NSB, told reporters […]

‘Car Wars III,’ as Oslo strikes back

City politicians in Oslo launched their latest strike against motorists this week, part of their battle on three fronts to discourage driving. Commuters into the Norwegian capital got an expensive taste of what it now costs them to drive into Oslo during the morning and evening rush hours, with much higher tolls aimed at prodding […]

Authorities crack down on seatbelt avoidance

Bus passengers in Norway are being advised to buckle their seatbelts, especially this week when state authorities have warned they’ll be launching nationwide controls. Those found without buckled seatbelts can be hit with a fine of NOK 1,500 (USD 192). Thousands have already experienced surprise inspections, like those on board a Nordfjordekspressen bus in Sogn og Fjordane […]

Gateway bus terminal gets a facelift

Oslo’s main bus terminal downtown ranks as the third-largest transport terminal in the country, with 1,350 daily bus arrivals and departures that carry 50,000 people. The current terminal has long been deemed inadequate to handle all the traffic, so a major expansion and renovation is due to begin early next year. “We’re going to upgrade […]