Storm battered west and roof collapsed

Warnings had been posted and they proved well-founded: Another severe storm moved in from the North Sea this week and caused damage up and down the coast. Heavy snow farther east, meanwhile, is believed to have caused the roof of a dance hall in Lillehammer to collapse. Meteorologists said that the new storm in the […]

New weather warnings up in southwest

State meteorologists were warning of more heavy winter weather during the next few days, with up to 60 centermeters of snow in southwestern Norway. State broadcaster NRK reported Thursday evening that temperatures around the freezing point and lots of precipitation can quickly lead to hazardous road conditions. The state meteorological institute sent out alerts covering […]

Complaints pile up over snow and ice

Southern Norway is in the midst of its snowiest winter in years, creating huge challenges for those responsible for clearing streets and sidewalks. Ice has also caused problems, with local emergency rooms in Oslo dealing with an average of 48 patients a day with broken bones after falling. Skiers are rejoicing, but state broadcaster NRK […]

Accidents soar on slippery roads

One of Norway’s major insurance companies, Gjensidige Forsikring, received fully 440 accident reports from its customers just between Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Most of them were blamed on suddenly icy roads that left vehicles skidding in all directions. “I was startled when I saw these numbers,” the company’s communications director Bjarne Rysstad told news bureau […]

Warnings up for slippery streets

UPDATED: Public transport was recommended as the best alternative where available on Wednesday: Exceptionally hazardous driving conditions caused by rain freezing on roads made them “slippery as soap,” while pedestrians were also urged to be careful on slick sidewalks. State meteorologists issued a new batch of warnings on Tuesday that were reinforced on Wednesday, as […]

Storm victims can claim compensation

This week’s troublesome winter weather left thousands of residents without power, some of them for more than 40 hours. Electricity had been restored for most by Thursday, but they can still claim compensation from their power suppliers. “They have to fill out an application form that’s available on our website,” Thor Bjørn Omnes of Skagerak […]

Snowstorms spur ‘chaos’ in southeast

Blizzards that were leaving some areas with as much as 70 centimeters of snow (more than two feet) all but paralyzed transport in counties stretching from Agder to Oslo and Østfold on Tuesday. Nearly 20,000 households were also without electricity Tuesday morning. Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen was scrambling to keep up with the onslaught […]

Hurricane raged from south to north

Norway was battered by winds well over hurricane force on Monday, as yet another major storm system moved in over southern portions of the country and extended to its northenmost areas of Troms and Finnmark. Meteorologists weren’t calling the weather “extreme,” though, even as it ripped the roof off a house in Hordaland, forced cancellation […]

More ‘extreme’ weather battered central Norway

Warnings of “extreme” weather have become common in recent months, and left residents of Nordland, Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal pounded by strong winds, fierce seas and both heavy rain and snow during the weekend. The weather system dubbed “Cora” forced road closures, cancelled flights and ferries and left thousands of households and businesses without […]

Bergen failed to set new rain record

It would have been a dubious distinction, but citizens of Bergen just missed claiming what would have been another record for rain last year, by a mere 9.7 millimeters. That left 2017 as Bergen’s next-wettest year on record. Hopes seemed almost high that the rain that also fell on New Year’s Eve would break the […]