Storms close nearly all mountain roads

State highway officials were warning on Friday that any motorists attempting to drive over the mountains of Southern Norway this weekend had better have plenty of warm clothing, food and drink in their vehicles. Snowstorms had closed nearly all main highways by Friday afternoon and there were long waits for convoy escorts on the few […]

Winter arrives with cheers, challenges

The first serious snow of the winter in Southern Norwegian towns and cities caused some problems this week because of slippery roads and highways. Ski centers and retailers were delighted, however, because the snow can help kick off both the ski- and Christmas shopping seasons. Snow fell most of the day on Tuesday in Oslo […]

Hurricane-force winds hit Western Norway

UPDATED: State meteorologists warned on Wednesday that a storm bearing down on the west coast could generate winds of hurricane force, and they were right. As heavy seas and high waves crashed into coastal areas Wednesday night, winds at high elevations in Jotunheimen were clocked at 40 meters per second, well above the lower level […]

Warnings up for both floods, snow

Winter is coming: A sudden plunge in temperatures accompanied by strong winds and precipitation surprised both residents and motorists in Southern Norway during the night, just as areas of Agder and Telemark counties were bracing for more heavy rain. Flood warnings were up again, as were those for possible road closures. Floodwaters receded in the […]

Fall foliage lights up the autumn days

PHOTO FEATURE: Norway has been in the midst of another spectacular autumn characterized by fall foliage that literally seems to light up forests, countryside and urban landscapes. The sun came out briefly in Oslo on Monday, but it’s the fall colours that provide colour and light during some recently dreary days. Norway’s tourism industry hasn’t […]

Sørlandet hit by more flooding

UPDATED: Heavy rain in Southern Norway sparked more flooding that forced closure of the E18 highway from Arendal in Aust-Agder all the way to Kragerø in Telemark on Sunday. Five county roads were also closed, but most were reopening on Monday. There was so much water on the road around Lundevatnet that driving was hazardous. […]

Southern Norway braced for rainy weekend

State meteorologists were warning residents of Southern Norway, especially the area from Kragerø to Kristiansand known as Sørlandet, to prepare for more intense rain during the weekend. The heavy rain can also cause more damage and flooding. The area is still mopping up after severe flooding just three weeks ago. Now flood warnings were posted […]

Mountain evacuees could move back home

Homeowners and farmers living at the foot of the unstable Norwegian mountain known as Mannen were allowed to return to their homes on Sunday after being evacuated since late last week. They continue to live with uncertainty, however, over whether the mountain will some day crash down. Colder weather and predicted rain that came as […]

Unstable mountain prompts evacuation

Norway’s restless mountain called Mannen has started moving again, so much that geologists who are constantly monitoring it called for the evacuation Thursday night of those living under it. They fear the mountainside will crash down to the valley below. Mannen has set off drama for years, most recently last year when local residents were […]

‘Harvey’ halts Statoil’s production in Texas

Norwegian oil company Statoil is among the many in Texas to shut down operations, evacuate employees and halt production as the extreme weather system “Harvey” continued to ravage the area on Monday. Statoil, which has 950 employees in Texas, closed its offices in Houston and Austin and shut down its land-based oil and gas production on the Eagle Ford […]