Bergen sets new record for rain

Norway’s west coast capital of Bergen is known for its rain, but this summer has been the wettest ever so far. More rainfall on Sunday meant that it had rained 26 days in a row in June, breaking a record set in 1952. Meteorologists could report that more rain has fallen on the scenic if soggy […]

Flooding swamped houses with sewage

Heavy rain and melting snow set off flooding during the weekend that had been warned since rivers and creeks started rising in both Northern and Southern Norway. Several residents of Melhus in Trøndelag faced stinky problems on Monday, after also being abruptly evacuated during the night. Sudden, heavy rain on Sunday is blamed for the flooding […]

Yet another mountain threatens to fall

Norwegian geologists are constantly monitoring the stability of the country’s steep mountainsides, and now one in Northern Norway is creating concerns. It’s called Gamanjunni, located up a valley across the Kåfjord from Olderdalen in Troms County, and evacuations loom. A new report from state waterways agency NVE warns that if masses of rock and dirt loosen and crash […]

South swelters while north freezes

Rarely have temperature differences between Northern and Southern Norway been more extreme than in the past several days. Snow and sub-zero temps continue to freeze folks from Svalbard to Kirkenes and Tromsø, while those in the southern portions of the country have been enjoying early summer weather. Saturday could only be described as extraordinary, as temperatues […]

Heavy snow delays airline traffic

The surprise spring snowstorm that snarled vehicular traffic around eastern and southern Norway on Monday was also causing serious delays in airline traffic at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen. Buses serving the airport were also running way behind schedule. Airport officials said OSL Gardermoen was operating at half-capacity because of the sudden need to clear snow […]

Snow and sleet spark traffic accidents

Police all over eastern and southern Norway were urging motorists against driving on Monday, as snow, sleet and rain poured down following weeks of warmer, sunnier weather. The surprise storm even sent a school bus sliding off a road in Røyken, west of Oslo, and traffic came to a standstill in many areas. Most all […]

Snow complicated heavy Easter traffic

Snow and slippery roads in Southern Norway added to motorists’ frustration and traffic authorities’ concerns on Monday, when hundreds of thousands of Norwegians drove home after the long Easter holiday weekend. Driving conditions were especially difficult on the E18 highway through Sørlandet. Traffic was also heavy both Sunday and Monday on main highways from the mountains back […]

Sun worshippers find Opera’s light

It’s long been a status symbol for many Norwegians to return to school or work with a suntan after the Easter holidays. These city slickers in Oslo who hadn’t traveled to the mountains for spring skiing, or to warmer southern climes, found a much cheaper option for catching some rays on the snow-white roof of the Opera House before […]

Spring skiers warned against sunburn

Norway’s national cancer association (Kreftforeningen) was once against warning everyone heading outdoors to enjoy spring skiing during the Easter holidays to use sun block creams and dark sunglasses. Weather forecasts in Southern Norway were predicting temperatures as high as 15C in some areas. “In the mountains of Southern Norway, the Easter sun can be  intense,” Bjørn […]

Warm sunshine set to fade

When Norway switched to daylight savings time (called sommertid) over the weekend, the timing couldn’t have been better. Along with the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, which now extends to around 8:30pm, came a sudden surge of warm summer weather but it may fade away soon. Residents of Southern Norway have been basking in warm sunshine since Saturday, […]