Storms freeze Finnmark

All mountain roads and many other highways were closed in Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark on Thursday, because of heavy snow and avalanche danger. One family from Sortland was left stuck in their car for nearly a full day. State broadcaster NRK reported that Leif Helge Pedersen and his family got caught in Langfjordbotn after […]

Mjøsa tapped to prevent flooding

This winter’s enormous amounts of snow in both the mountains and the valleys have led to such severe flood danger this spring that authorities have begun tapping Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa. The idea is to boost capacity in Mjøsa for the spring run-off. Southern and Eastern Norway have had the most snow in years, and […]

Avalanche danger isolates Arctic communities

Norway’s North Cape and the fishing village of Berlevåg were among communities left isolated this week by either avalanches or the danger of them. In Berlevåg, shelves were bare at the local grocery store when it wasn’t able to receive fresh supplies heading into the long Easter holiday weekend. The main E69 highway up to […]

New warmth record in the Arctic

While mainland Norway and much of Europe have been shivering through one of the coldest winters in years, it’s been the warmest ever registered in the Arctic. There’s also never been so little ice and so much open sea. “This is just completely wild,” Mark Serreze, leader of the US’ National Snow and Ice Data […]

No signs of spring yet

State meteorologists have said that last week’s cold snap is over, but it was snowing again all day in Oslo on Monday and it will take a long time before all the snow disappears. “We’re still having real winter weather all over the country,” Eldbjørg Moxnes of the state Meteorological Insitute told newspaper Dagsavisen on […]

Freezing weather keeps firefighters busy

There’s been a rash of fires in homes all over Norway in recent days, and firefighters are blaming the onset of bitterly cold temperatures. Several of the fires have started in the chimneys of homes. More than 20 chimney fires have been reported since Wednesday afternoon, most of them in the counties of Agder, Hordaland […]

Bitter cold boosts electricity rates

Norway has long enjoyed relatively reasonable electricity rates because of its vast reserves of hydroelectric power, but they hit their highest level in more than a year this month. Bitterly cold temperatures are to blame. “When cold weather sets in, demand rises for electricity,” noted Stina Johansen of the electricity exchange NordPool. She told news […]

Siberian cold snap settles over Norway

Brrrrrrr … it’s cold out there! After years of unusually mild winters, Norwegians have been getting a solid dose of snow, ice and now subfreezing temperatures in the double digits, all the result of a cold front from Siberia that moved in over the country this week.  It’s been so long since temperatures have been […]

Storm battered west and roof collapsed

Warnings had been posted and they proved well-founded: Another severe storm moved in from the North Sea this week and caused damage up and down the coast. Heavy snow farther east, meanwhile, is believed to have caused the roof of a dance hall in Lillehammer to collapse. Meteorologists said that the new storm in the […]

New weather warnings up in southwest

State meteorologists were warning of more heavy winter weather during the next few days, with up to 60 centermeters of snow in southwestern Norway. State broadcaster NRK reported Thursday evening that temperatures around the freezing point and lots of precipitation can quickly lead to hazardous road conditions. The state meteorological institute sent out alerts covering […]