Fur farmers fight pending shutdown

After repeated incidents of animal abuse and complaints from animal welfare activists, Norway’s newly expanded coalition government now plans to phase out the entire industry. The country’s remaining fur farmers claim they’re “shocked,” despite years of warnings. The addition of the non-socialist but environmentally conscious Liberal Party to Norway’s conservative government coalition, announced Sunday, led […]

Year ended with upbeat statistics

The Christmas and New Year holidays are supposed to be a time for thoughtful assessments of the year that’s passed and the one that’s about to begin. New statistics show that Norwegians have more reasons to wave their flag and cheer their good fortune as they head into 2018. Despite all the news about political […]

Mysterious deaths tied to isolation

The deaths of a 68-year-old woman and her two daughters, age 35 and 28, have set off sorrow and soul-searching in the large Oslo apartment complex where they lived. They hadn’t been seen, or missed, since last summer but police claim all three “chose to isolate themselves.” Their bodies were found late last week in […]

State fails to halt abuse of children

A devastating report by a state commission has angered but not surprised Norway’s government minister in charge of equality and family issues. The report found that the state has repeatedly failed to help children who are suffering from abusive parents and guardians. “When I think about these children who have been subjected to violence and assaults, […]

Norwegian women have fewer babies

Norway has long prided itself on having generous maternity and paternity leave and other social welfare programs aimed at encouraging population growth. Fresh statistics, however, show that the birth rate has fallen in recent years, and that can cause problems for the sustainability of the social welfare state itself. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) […]

Norway needs to secure welfare state

NEWS ANALYSIS: Few countries are as financially fit to secure social welfare systems as Norway, which has spent the past 20 years stashing away its oil wealth for future generations. Most of that money, though, is meant to preserve pensions, so the government now needs to keep its social welfare state intact as well, amidst debate […]

More children live in relative poverty

Around 15 percent of all children in Norway will grow up in relative poverty by 2030 if current trends continue. Newspaper Aftenposten reported this week that Drammen topped the list of cities with the most children living in households that have little income compared to the local average. That’s likely much higher than in most […]

Commission urges free day care

A government-appointed commission is urging some major changes in how Norway helps its families with small children. The commission is urging free day care for all children, to be financed largely through abolition of the long controversial kontantstøtte payments made to those parents who opt to keep their children at home. The commission, led by Professor Anne Lise […]

More poor children in Norway

The number of children living in families defined as “poor” by Norwegian standards has doubled since 2000, according to UNICEF Norge. Long known for its efforts to spread wealth within society, Norway is now seeing more social differences, reports state broadcaster NRK. UNICEF doesn’t think enough is being done to help children in families with relatively low […]

Norwegians fear snooping at NAV

Norway’s large social welfare agency NAV, which handles everything from pension payments to those for sick leave and unemployment, is under scrutiny after reports that NAV workers have snooped through the files of Norwegians receiving NAV benefits. Nearly 40 complaints have been filed in the past month by NAV clients who fear their privacy has been invaded. […]