Hazards abound as roads turned to ice

Police in nearly all the counties of southern and central Norway were posting warnings Thursday morning that roads and highways were so slippery that even the trucks sent out to salt and gravel them were sliding out of control. Motorists were strongly urged to leave their vehicles parked. The situation was especially serious in the counties […]

Lack of snow chills large ski races

As residents of southern Norway headed into another weekend with few if any prospects for skiing, because of an ongoing lack of snow, the organizers of major annual ski races are losing out as well. Registration is down by as much as 70 percent, and they blame both the warmer weather and a general decline […]

Severe storm hits Finnmark, again

The residents of Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark are having a rough winter. Bad weather also bore down on other northern counties on Wednesday, leading to closed roads and structural damage because of snow and strong winds. Many key roads and highways were closed in Finnmark Wednesday morning including the main E6 highway over Finnmarksvidda between Alta and […]

Stunning sunsets ‘a scream in nature’

As sunshine broke through thick morning fog over the Oslo Fjord on Tuesday, residents may be able to later witness more of the spectacular sunsets that caught lots of attention in the Norwegian capital last week. While stunning to watch, state meteorologists warned that the reason for the phenomenon isn’t as beautiful. Social media has been full […]

Freezing rain created hazardous roads

Rain falling on frozen asphalt made roads slippery and hazardous all over the country on Tuesday, and that was blamed for a series of collisions and a 14-car pile-up on the E18 near Holmestrand south of Oslo. Police were slowly escorting convoys of cars on the E6 motorway in Østfold county after dozens of cars […]

New storms pound the west and north

Western and Northern Norway were being battered once again on Friday by storms that closed roads, cancelled ferries and resulted in several accidents. Mountain roads in Southern Norway were also subject to closure or posted as having hazardous driving conditions. Stong winds blew over a bus carrying 40 teenagers that had slid off the E6 highway just north of […]

Influensa sweeps through the country

Thousands of Norwegians have been starting off the New Year sick with a flu virus that health authorities report has now hit all counties from north to south. Oslo and Akershus have the highest numbers of cases, but many are ill in Trøndelag, too. The inland counties of Hedmark and Oppland are also reporting “very many” […]

Cold snap heads south

Residents of Karasjok in Northern Norway shivered through a night of temperatures falling to as low as minus-41.6C. In Tana, farther to the east in Finnmark County, school bus routes were cancelled as the cold snap started spreading south. The sudden return of winter was forecast on Tuesday, with meteorologists noting that it follows months of unusually […]

Evacuations begin on stormy Svalbard

The top local administrator on Norway’s Arctic island group of Svalbard began ordering evacuations on Wednesday, as a major storm moved in that threatened to set off avalanches.  The order came after advice from the state agency charged with monitoring avalanche danger, NVE. Svalbard’s top official Kjerstin Askholt, known as sysselmannen, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that […]

Brighter days to follow ‘jul’ storms

After a string of dark and foggy days, the sun finally made an appearance in Oslo again on the day after the winter solstice. Thousands of travelers heading for jul (Christmas) celebrations, however, were warned of storms in the mountains and along the west coast. State meteorologists were urging motorists planning to drive over mountains between […]