WWF moves to halt a new wolf hunt

The Norwegian government, under heavy pressure from ranchers, hunters and others who feel threatened by wolves, is now seeking a quick change in the law that currently restricts a new wolf hunt. WWF, the international organization that champions protection of wildlife, quickly vowed on Wednesday that it will sue the government to block the move. “If politicians in […]

Legal loophole may allow new wolf hunt

The Norwegian government, which dramatically pared back a major wolf hunt in Norway this winter on the grounds it could be illegal, was all but ordered by a majority in Parliament on Tuesday to come up with a “broader” interpretation of the Norwegian law meant to ensure wildlife diversity. Finding a new legal loophole could allow the government to reverse its […]

Wolf saved despite new license to kill

The Norwegian government is standing by its decision to stop a hunt that would have killed off at least two-thirds of the country’s wolf population, but on Tuesday it allowed state authorities to issue a new license to shoot three more wolves in Hedmark and Akershus counties. That pleased both sides in Norway’s heated debate over wolves. The […]

Wolf critics howl over limited hunt

Hundreds of people who feel threatened by the roughly 68 wolves now roaming around eastern Norway turned out for a noisy demonstration in front of the Norwegian Parliament on Wednesday. They were protesting the government’s refusal to kill 47 of the wolves, and aren’t satisfied that only 15 will be subject to a hunt. The protesters […]

Norway’s wolf hunt may be revived

UPDATED: Vidar Helgesen, the Norwegian government minister who all but shot down a controversial wolf hunt just before Christmas, now finds himself under enormous pressure to allow the full extent of it after all. Hundreds of protesters who feel threatened by wolves were due to gather in Oslo on Wednesday, to demand that roughly two-thirds of Norway’s wolf […]

Helgesen saved Norway’s wolves

Wildlife advocates and environmental organizations finally had something to cheer about  in Norway on Tuesday, after government minister Vidar Helgesen blocked moves to kill off two-thirds of the country’s fledgling wolf population. Helgesen overturned a decision allowing the major wolf hunt, which had sparked criticism around the world. “Thank you, Vidar Helgesen, for saving 32 wolves and taking into […]

New statistics may save the wolves

Never have state wildlife officials registered so few predator attacks on Norway’s freely grazing livestock as in the past year. Hopes are rising that the new statistics may prompt reversal of a highly controversial order to kill off nearly two-thirds of the country’s recently re-built wolf population. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on its nightly newscast Dagsrevyen Sunday that […]

Wolves’ fate left up to this man

Norway’s government minister in charge of environmental and climate issues, Vidar Helgesen, will now have to decide the fate up to 24 wolves that county officials want to shoot within established wolf zones. A pending slaughter reaffirmed by local authorities on Monday has sparked strong protests both inside and outside the country. By a vote of […]

Thousands turned out to save the wolves

Several thousand Norwegians demonstrated in front of the Parliament in Oslo over the weekend, to protest plans by state officials to kill 47 wolves this winter. The planned state wolf hunt has also sparked protests from around the world. Wolves nearly became extinct in Norway before state conservationists set about rebuilding the wolf population in […]

Norway’s wolf hunt catches foreign flak

An announcement late last week that Norwegian authorities would approve the hunting of 47 wolves this autumn and winter has been met with a barrage of criticism from abroad. Local environmentalists and conservationists are upset, too. The large British newspaper The Guardian reported how the Norwegians were planning to kill off two-thirds of their wolf population, […]