Politicians risk jail terms

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Two former members of Parliament in Norway face charges of defrauding the Norwegian state, by claiming higher pension benefits than those to which they were entitled. 

Magnus Stangeland of the Center Party and Anders Talleraas of the Conservatives are suspected of pension fraud, after collecting state pensions even though they also were earning other income after leaving Parliament. 

State auditors claimed in 2008 that six former members of Parliament, including several high-ranking politicians and former party leaders, had collected excessive pension benefits. Most of the cases were later dropped, but white collar crime unit Økokrim recommended that prosecutors file formal charges against Stangeland and Talleraas.

They plead innocent, saying they merely collected what the state paid out. They note that the rules for collecting state pensions are confusing and unclear, and supporters claim Stangeland and Talleraas should be excused for misinterpreting them.

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