Population can hit 7 million

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Norway’s population is likely to reach 7 million over the next 50 years, state statistics bureau SSB reported this week, boosted by high birth rates, longevity and immigration.

Norway currently has a total population of 4.85 million and is expected to pass 5 million by 2013, according to SSB.

The population now includes 460,000 immigrants and 93,000 children born in Norway to immigrant parents, reports SSB. Together the two groups make up around 11 percent of the total population.

SSB predicts immigrants will make up between 22 and 28 percent of the population by 2060, given the current rate of foreigners moving to Norway. Sweden and Poland are among the countries producing the largest numbers of immigrants to Norway.

If fertility and longevity rates remain high in addition to immigration, the population could reach 8.28 million by 2060, predicted SSB.

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