Cigarette smugglers seized

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Norwegian customs officials conducting random checks on large trucks in southeastern Norway over the weekend hit the jackpot when they inspected two at Langhus in Akershus County.

Among the trucks they’d targeted for inspection were two from Lithuania that apparently had been driving in tandem. News bureau NTB reports that the customs officials found nearly 88,000 cigarettes stowed on board.

Hidden inside two spare tires on one truck were 43,600 cigarettes, operations leader Børge Løge of the Follo Police District told NTB. Customs inspectors found 44,360 on the other truck, also hidden inside two of its spare tires.

Two Lithuanian men who had been driving the trucks were arrested and taken to the Follo Police Station, where they were due to be charged with smuggling. Cigarettes are heavily taxed in Norway, costing around USD 12 per pack, and thus are among goods targeted by smugglers.

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