Hunter sparked power failure

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A man out hunting on the northwest coast of Norway was both lucky and unlucky earlier this week. He managed to shoot a deer, but also knocked out the power supply for nearby communities in the process.

The hunter was out early on Monday, and took aim at a deer (called hjort, in Norwegian) in a quiet rural area outside Volda just after dawn. His shot, however, went straight through deer and into the cables of an important power line operated by Tussa Nett, reported local newspaper Sunnmørsposten.

That ended the peace and quiet, as a flurry of sparks and static added some excitement to the felling of the deer. The hunter called the power company himself, to report his mishap.

It took emergency crews a couple of hours to restore power to homes and businesses between Bjørke and Kalvatn in Volda township, but most had their electricity back by 9am.

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