Cold snap boosts smog

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The last few weeks of sub-freezing temperatures in Oslo and many other Norwegian cities have worsened air pollution, and 12 cities have now won permission to instill driving restrictions if local politicians think it’s necessary.

Only Bergen has so far tried to cut exhaust levels by restricting driving, though. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the weekend that cities like Drammen, Fredrikstad, Skien, Kristiansand, Trondheim and Tromsø are glad to have authority from the state transportation ministry to impose restrictions if needed.

In Oslo, driving hasn’t been restricted as yet but speed limits have been lowered to reduce pollution from exhaust and road dust, while drivers must pay extra to have studded winter tires that chew up the roads and create more dust.

Cities allowed to curtail driving also include Lillehammer, Stavanger and Porsgrunn.

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