More poor children in Norway

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Not everyone in Norway is facing a happy holiday season, despite the country’s relative economic affluence. Oslo-based research foundation Fafo estimates around 100,000 children now live under the locally-relevant poverty level established by the European Union (EU).

The number of children living in relative poverty in Norway has risen from around 50,000 just in the past five years, according to Fafo, which focuses its research on social welfare and trade policy, labour and living conditions, among other issues.

Newspaper Aftenposten reported that the official poverty level in high-cost Norway is defined by the EU as a household made up of two adults and two children that generates NOK 350,000 (about USD 58,000) in after-tax income a year.

The increase in poor children in Norway is linked mostly to increased immigration and difficulties faced by immigrants at finding jobs in Norway.

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