Gorgeous gorges of Hauktjern

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PICTURE STORY: The forest on the eastern side of Oslo, called Østmarka, offers lots of popular trails, scenic vista points, accessible lakes and the capital’s most unusual rock formations. They’ve long been a major attraction for climbers but are open to hikers of all ages via well-marked blåstier (trails marked in blue). The closest trailhead starts from Østmarksetra near Ulsrud. Follow signs for Sarabråten and Haukåsen. ALL PHOTOS: Morten Møst

  1. Some of the most extraordinary rock formations in Oslo are found on the banks of Lake Hauktjern, in the forests of Østmarka east of the city.
  2. It's a messy environment, marked by huge boulders and fallen trees.
  3. A strong willed birch tree has wound its way around a giant boulder
  4. Fortunately, a blue-marked trail guides visitors to the chief attraction in these parts: The Hauktjern gorges.
  5. It's possible to walk through the narrow gorge, which gives the visitor a feeling of being engulfed by the mountain.
  6. From the floor of the gorge, only a narrow part of the sky is visible.
  7. The late king Olav visited this place in 1975 and left his signature on the rock face.
  8. The area is popular with climbers, who may enjoy views such as this one.