Stoltenberg heading back to Germany

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg for a “working dinner” next week, rescheduling a meeting the two were supposed to have had last month. It was cancelled when Merkel had to attend to EU debt crisis matters instead.

Stoltenberg will meet Merkel on November 30 at Schloss Meseberg, an historic castle that serves as the German government’s official guest house at Brandenburg, north of Berlin. The two have also met several times before, and Merkel was also in Oslo for meetings and the opening of the Opera House in 2008.

“Germany is the largest economy in Europe and our biggest trading partner,” Stoltenberg said in a prepared statement. “Germany and Norway also have a lot of common political interests and cooperate closely in many areas including energy and climate issues. We have a lot of important themes to discuss and I look forward to meet my German colleague.”

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