A summer’s night in Krokskogen

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There’s been a lot of heavy rain all over southern Norway this summer, making it somewhat less appealing to head into the local hills and woods after work and go on a hike. But every now and then there’s been a break in the seemingly constant downpours, and then the still-long summer evenings invite for a hike and picnic dinner far from the crowds but yet so close.

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The photos in the series above were taken in an area of the hills around Oslo known as Krokskogen, made famous in some classic literature from the 1800s. They portray some local lakes, marshes with the wispy white reeds that suggest the arrival of cloudberries called multer next month, and a couple of ardent hikers finding another so-called Kjentmannspost (a local treasure hunt of sorts, sponsored by Skiforeningen) at a scenic lake called Store Åbortjernet. It’s just north of another popular lake called Storflåten.

The cars shown in one of the photos are parked in the lot at Damtjern, another lake in the hills between Sundvollen and Hønefoss, about a 40 minute drive northwest of Oslo and a good starting point for treks both summer and winter. The area also sports a specially marked trail telling its history of timber production and transport.

Trail maps for both hiking and skiing all over the frests known as marka are available in most bookstores, sporting goods stores and retail outlets of the trekking association DNT.

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