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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Mysterious package held historic documents

A mysterious package given decades ago to local leaders of the small community of Sel in the mountains of southern Norway was finally opened over the weekend, and current leaders claimed they weren’t disappointed.

The package had been wrapped up in 1912 and embellished with the words Kan aabnes i 2012 (“Can be opened in 2012,” written in an old form of Danish-influenced Norwegian used at the time). It was given to officials on the local town council and they abided by the message, refraining from any sneak peeks.

When the date was set to open it, 100 years after its sealing, the event was attended by curious residents and children in Otta, northern Oppland County. It contained old letters, receipts from the time, hand-written greetings and other historic documents.

Tucked amidt all the papers was a banner from King Haakon VI, Norway’s first modern king after becoming a sovereign nation in 1905. The banner was embroidered with the words Fra Kongen (From the king).

“Sometimes when we’re going through our archives, we find some treasures,” Kjell Voldheim, leader of the Sel Historical Society, told newspaper VG. “This was definitely a little treasure.”

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