Sauce and soup mixed up

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Norwegian consumers who bought what they thought was a packet of carbonara pasta sauce mix under the Toro brand may be in for a surprise when they use it to make dinner. Around 4,000 so-called “economy-sized” packages of the carbonara mix got filled at the factory with asparagus soup mix instead, not the pasta sauce powder.

“We made an unfortunate error during the packaging,” Ragnar Berger, director of food safety at Toro’s parent company Rieber & Son.

Berger stressed that there’s no health concern tied to the packaging mix-up, but it’s not possible to make pasta carbonara with asparagus soup mix. Berger admitted that Toro customers who unwittingly woundnd up with the soup mix instead of the pasta sauce mix “risk having their dinner ruined.”

The company was promising to refund the money to everyone who bought the pasta sauce mix and got soup mix instead. The packages involved carry sell-by dates of January 13, 2014 (13.01.2014). staff