Oil slick snarls traffic in Bergen

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Traffic backed up for as long as eight kilometers on some roads leading in and out of Bergen on Friday, after a vehicle spilled oil on the busy E39 highway. It made roads so slippery that it forced closure of tunnels and left even police cars skidding out of control.

“One of our patrol cars tried to test its brakes and just sailed away,” Morten Kronen of the Hordaland Police District told state broadcaster NRK. Both the Fløyfjellstunel and the Eidsvågtunnel were closed and traffic was described as “chaotic” around Åsane.

The oil slick extended all the way to Eikås and Vikaleitet on the E39, the main artery out of Bergen towards the north and east. Eidsvågneset was closed and cars were allowed to drive in the lane normally reserved for public transport, to get traffic moving again.

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