EuroPride 2014 photo special

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Music, smiles and all the colours of the rainbow highlighted this year’s gay pride parade through downtown Oslo. See how tens of thousands of people made a point of being proud of who they are, while others cheered them on.


  1. Rainbow flags signifying the gay rights movement have been flying in front of Oslo's City Hall this week, as the Norwegian capital hosted EuroPride 2014.
  2. People of all ages took to the streets of Oslo on Saturday to celebrate gay rights but perhaps most of all, diversity and tolerance.
  3. Among those celebrating, and carrying on the fight for gay rights, was Kim Friele (center), the first person to ever come out publicly in Norway and a champion of human rights in general for more than 50 years. At left, Eskil Pedersen, the outgoing head of the Labour Party's youth organization AUF.
  4. Saturday's parade wound through downtown Oslo before passing the Parliament building (Stortinget) on its way to the City Hall Plaza.
  5. Riding on a float next to a drag queen was this man with a sign that he loves his mother.
  6. The colourful parade lasted around two-and-a-half hours, and there were so many people watching that police lost count.
  7. Not everyone wanted to show their face in public, but most did.
  8. EuroPride 2014 drew thousands of people to Oslo for a week of special events. Those on this float were from London.
  9. There was also a record turnout of gay police in uniform marching in the parade this year. They received spontaneous applause and cheers from spectators all along the parade route.
  10. Those marching often encountered friends along the way.
  11. "At the end of the rainbow is a nurse made of gold," reads this banner following a drum corps made up of nurses in vintage uniforms.
  12. These men from a local "teddy bear" club (Bamseklubben) braved chilly temperatures to show a bit of flesh.
  13. This drag queen, with a small princess in the background, also found a friend along the way.
  14. The Oslo Faggot Choir sang from the Sims float, which was promoting the new Sims 4 game that's been slapped with an "Adults Only" limit in Russia because players can attain same-sex relationships. The choir decided to take a stand against the "homophobic" Russian law.
  15. Everyone on this float sported T-shirts reading "Born this way."
  16. This lone parade entrant, waving a Polish flag, carried a sign reading "A big thanks to Norway for its funds to the European Economic Area that provided important and political support to the Equality Parade in Warsaw the past two years!"
  17. Spectators lined both sides of the street as the parade wound its way up the thoroughfare known as "Grensen." In the background is the Oslo Cathedral, where a "rainbow church service" was scheduled for Sunday.
  18. International participants in EuroPride 2014 made their presence known, including this rather large group from the Philippines.
  19. Some members of one of the most colourful groups in the parade seemed to have dyed themselves in the colour pink.
  20. This couple sported the Brazilian flag, not knowing that Brazil would go on to beat Chile in the World Cup competition later that evening.
  21. This group all wore colourful conical caps.
  22. When the parade finally wound down, and folks started heading for the EuroPride Village on City Hall Plaza, it started to rain. Ominous forecasts of storms, though, didn't materialize, much to the relief of parade organizers. Next year's EuroPride will be held in Riga, Latvia.


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