Boxer Brækhus wins again

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Norway’s world champion boxer Cecilia Brækhus won yet another match over the weekend, beating Mikaela Lauren of Sweden in what was judged as a technical knock-out. It was Brækhus’ 32nd professional victory when she defended her title during the Oslofjord Fight Night.

Commentators claimed Lauren, age 41, didn’t have a chance against Brækhus, age 36. “I promised a knock-out and I always keep my promises,” a triumphant Brækhus claimed after the fight.

The knock-out came in the sixth round. “I wasn’t worried,” Brækhus told Viasat after the fight, “but she was much tougher than I’d thought. I thought she’d go down much earlier.”

Lauren, who had controversially kissed Brækhus during a pre-fight press conference, said she was grateful to have had the chance “to box against the world’s best boxer, who’s undefeated.” staff