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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Mystery donor leaves lots of cash

Someone wants to contribute financially to a local athletics organization in the West Coast community of Varhaug. He or she is doing it by leaving hundreds of thousands of kroner in the mailbox of the sports group’s leader.

The first packet of money arrived in 2014, in the mailbox at the home of the organization’s leader Morten Jelsa. He thought at first someone had left a bag of dirty clothes. It turned out to be a half-million kroner, in cash.

The next unusual delivery came in 2016: 500 1,000-kroner notes, all neatly folded and stacked in the bag. Now a third delivery has arrived, reports local newspaper Jærbladet, this time with a note that the donor hopes the money can be used to build an addition to the Varhaug Sports League’s grandstand. It would include a glassed-in area that elderly sports fans could reach by elevator to watch the group’s fourth-division football matches.

“I think the money is coming from the same person, but I don’t know who it is,” Jelsa told state broadcaster NRK. “I don’t want to try to find out either, out of respect for the donor. There must be a reason he or she doesn’t want to be identified.”

Jelsa thinks it’s great that such generous gifts can benefit the local athletics organization that otherwise relies on volunteers. The donor also proposed a name for the improved grandstands: Postkassen (Mailbox). staff



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