Local cola lost against mighty Coke

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The local Oslo producer of Tøyen Cola was ordered to stop all sales of a new soft drink it was promoting as Jallasprite. The powers-that-be at US-based Coca-Cola argued successfully in the Oslo County Court that beverage maker O Mathisen had violated marketing law.

The court also admonished Mathisen for having used its conflict with Coca-Cola to its own advantage. The company produces both Tøyen Cola and a citrus soft drink that Coca-Cola claimed was much too similar to its citrus soft drink called Sprite.

News bureau NTB reported that Mathisen had tried to avoid a court case by changing the name of its drink to JalleXXXXXX, but Coca-Cola wouldn’t accept that either, since it appeared that the word “sprite” was merely censored. Mathisen is now calling on the public to come up for a new name for its citrus soft drink.

newsinenglish.no staff