Police: Kamphuis died in kayaking accident

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Norwegian police announced Friday that they’ve concluded their investigation into last year’s disappearance of Dutch entrepreneur Arjen Kamphuis in Norway, saying he “most likely” died in a kayaking accident. His body has never been recovered, and police believe it was swept out to sea.

Kamphuis’ disappearance made international news because he was a well-known computer security expert and had been involved with Wikileaks. Some of his colleagues in the Netherlands believed he intentionally disappeared, either because he was tired of his activist lifestyle or because he was scared. Others, meanwhile, claimed he was happy and had a full autumn program when he left for a summer holiday in Norway.

Police, however, now believe they’ve cleared up the missing persons case. He was last seen in the small town of Rognan, east of Bodø where he’d spent several days. Evidence includes a kayak with a hole in its hull and a kayak paddle found on the shore of the Skerstad Fjord north of Rognan. Police said other personal items belonging to Kamphuis were also found floating in the sea.

The investigation was complicated by the fact that signals from a SIM card belonging to Kamphuis were picked up by three cell phone towers in Stavanger, roughly a thousand kilometers south of the Rognan area, 10 days after Kamphuis was last seen in Bodø and Rognan on August 20, 2018. Now police have learned that two truck drivers from Eastern Europe had found a cell phone, a computer and other items when they’d stopped for a break along the fjord near Rognan. They took the items with them, believing them to have been discarded, and drove through Stavanger when the signals were picked up.

Police have ruled out their involvement in Kamphuis’ disappearance.

Read an English version of the police’s press release here (external link).

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