Brazil removes restrictions on Hydro

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A federal court in Brazil has removed the last of the restrictions placed on Norwegian firm Norsk Hydro at its aluminium plant in the northern part of the country. That seems to end a 19-month nightmare for the company that began with a severe storm early last year.

Hydro had to shut down its Alunorte facility and then only operate at half of its production capacity, after extreme weather lead to damage and flooding that threatened the local drinking water supply. The incident led to a string of legal complaints against the company and crippled its production.

The plant, the largest of its kind in the world, can now resume operations. The company called it “a milestone for Alunorte” that will contribute to “a more profitable and sustainable Hydro.” The company announced earlier this week that it intends to cut as many as 2,200 jobs in order to improve results. staff