Norway freezes rain forest funding to Brazil

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Norway is standing firm with its decision to halt more funding aimed at preserving Brazil’s rain forests. Norway has invested more than NOK 8 billion in rain forest preservation in Brazil, only to see the emissions control effort literally go up in smoke under Brazil’s new right-wing populist government.

Norway first halted more funding earlier the fall, when fires were already raging in the Amazon. Norwegian officials are unhappy that the Brazilian government under the control of the new president Jair Bolsonaro has allowed more deforestation and even ridiculed Norway’s rain forest preservation efforts.

Norway’s government minister in charge of climate and the environment said the two countries “are still talking,” but that “until further notice, there will be no more Norwegian contributions to the fund to protect the Amazon.” Minister Ola Elvestuen also told news bureau NTB that uncommitted Norwegian money in the fund has also been “frozen.” staff