Frigate’s oil spurs seafood warnings

Oil seeping from the mostly sunken wreckage of the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad has prompted state food safety agency Mattilsynet to warn against eating seafood caught in the area. Farmed salmon is also … [READ MORE...]

Johaug makes a ‘super-comeback’

She's back. Two years after using a lip cream that left her facing drug charges and a lengthy suspension, Norwegian skier Therese Johaug won the country's traditional ski season opener at Beitostølen on Friday. … [READ MORE]

Defense officials shield frigate’s crew

Norway's Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen and Defense Chief Haakon Bruun-Hanssen have become the latest to protect and drum up public sympathy for the crew of the Norwegian frigate that collided with a … [READ MORE]

Solberg pressured on abortion issue

Prime Minister Erna Solberg may well wish she'd never offered to discuss aspects of Norway's abortion law with the Christian Democrats. Not only have they backed off on the issue during current negotiations … [READ MORE]

‘Krone’ weakens as oil prices fall

Norway's krone has been losing value again this week, after oil prices sunk back to where they were last spring. It cost just over NOK 8.50 to buy one US dollar Wednesday afternoon, even after oil prices … [READ MORE]

GPS jamming raises more alarms

Police in Norway's northernmost county of Finnmark are now issuing warnings that Russian jamming of GPS signals can threaten security and emergency preparedness in Norway. The warnings come after the Norwegian … [READ MORE]

Oslo schools chief quits under pressure

UPDATED: Astrid Søgnen, director of education for the City of Oslo, has finally agreed to resign her powerful post after more than a year of conflict and controversy. She's not leaving entirely, though, and … [READ MORE]


Racism raises its ugly head

Norwegian media has been full of several cases lately of what many call blatant … [READ MORE...]

Sandberg sat near alleged assassin

Former Norwegian government minister Per Sandberg shared front-row seats at an … [READ MORE...]

Violin sale led to big tax bill

It was no surprise that Norwegian performing artists like Kygo, Alan Walker and … [READ MORE...]

Former minister’s US visa delayed

Former Norwegian Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen has run into problems … [READ MORE...]


Teenagers attack police officer

Oslo has experienced its second incident of assault on a police officer in as many weeks. … [READ MORE...]

More heads may roll in the Oslo schools

Terje Moen, deputy leader of the Norwegian labour organization representing school … [READ MORE...]

NHO imposes lockout against striking nurses

National employers' organization NHO took the unusual step on Thursday of declaring a … [READ MORE...]

Damage reports filed after NATO exercise

More than 500 reports of property damage have been submitted to the Norway's defense … [READ MORE...]

‘Help me, I have a body in the car’

A remarkable murder trial has been unfolding in the Hedmark County Court in Hamar this … [READ MORE...]

Local cola lost against mighty Coke

The local Oslo producer of Tøyen Cola was ordered to stop all sales of a new soft drink it … [READ MORE...]


‘Book bomb’ blasts Resistance history

Norway's famed Resistance (Hjemmefronten) forces have long been viewed as the country's heroes of World War II, as they sabotaged Nazi German occupiers and ultimately helped drive them out. A new book, however, … [READ MORE]