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‘Slow TV’ to gain more global viewers

Netflix, the world’s largest TV streaming service, claims it “loves” the “slow TV” that was pioneered by Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), so much so that customers in English-speaking countries will soon be able to watch Norwegian fireplaces burn, Norwegians themselves knit and lots of Norwegian scenery pass by the windows of trains and decks of ships. […]

‘Slow TV’ train ride a hit in the air

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK’s) groundbreaking “slow TV” program six years ago, which followed the entire journey of a train on the scenic route between Oslo and Bergen, has suddenly become a hit on board British Airways flights. News bureau NTB reported this week how the airline included the program in its on-board entertainment programming last year. Now […]

Caviar-maker opts for super-slow TV

Norwegian food producer Mills has turned to super-slow TV to market and promote its classic Mills Kaviar, which comes in a tube and is popular on many Norwegian breakfast and lunch tables. Its slow-TV pitch, which will follow the 11-month process of preparing and maturing the caviar for consumption, seems to be working. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]

NRK’s ‘slow TV’ keen to follow reindeer

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), which sparked international interest with its “slow TV” concept, has a new project in the works. It involves plans to follow hundreds of reindeer as their herders move them during springtime from winter grazing grounds to the coast. It’s common  when driving along Norway’s Arctic coast of Finnmark to encounter reindeer along the road […]

‘Slow TV’ train trip sold to US stations

More than 110 American television networks will broadcast a condensed version of one of Norway’s hit “slow TV” programs early in the new year. US viewers will get to travel along Norway’s longest railway, crossing through towns, fjords and mountains north of the arctic circle. Around 1.1 million viewers tuned in when Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]

NRK cashes in on ‘slow TV’ format

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) has scored surprisingly strong ratings for its lengthy live broadcasts of everything from a coastal voyage to, most recently, a knitting marathon. Now NRK has sold its highly successful “slow TV” format to a US TV production firm that plans to copy NRK’s successful concept. “It’s always fun when one of our […]

NRK’s ‘slow TV’ won more viewers

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) made television history with its record-breaking “minute-by-minute” coverage of a coastal voyage on a Hurtigruten vessel two summers ago. It’s since made similar “slow TV” shows, and the latest coverage of a trip on Norway’s northernmost train line was another big hit over the holidays. More than a million Norwegians, or roughly […]

Svalbard worth more than ever

Nearly a million Norwegians have been sitting through hours of more “slow TV” this week on a daily basis, apparently mesmerized by the beauty and history of Svalbard. Sunday marks 100 years since a post-World War I treaty gave Norway sovereignty over the wild and scenic archipelago, where new underwater discoveries may make the area […]

Birds put Vardø back on the radar

VARDØ: Known for its radar installations, this small Norwegian town spread over an island in the country’s Arctic northeast was being thrust onto the radar itself this month when Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) started rolling the cameras of its latest “slow TV” project. Local residents think it may provide a breakthrough for tourism aimed at birdlovers, which could become a magnet like the […]

Arctic birds star in slow-TV ‘cliffhanger’

A remarkable Norwegian island where tens of thousands of sea birds nest every year will be the location of the latest “slow TV” project from Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK. It will be a real “cliffhanger” of sorts, from an area that birdwatchers visit from all over the world. The island is called Hornøya, and it’s located just a […]