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Police drop DUI charges against Northug

Former Norwegian skiing star Petter Northug is still in big trouble after police caught him speeding and later found cocaine at his home in Oslo. Blood tests taken right after the speeding incident, however, showed he was not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so those charges have been dropped. Northug, age 34, […]

Northug admits to being an ‘idiot’

Norway’s former ski champion Petter Northug admitted on Friday to having  a “serious” problem with alcohol, narcotics and pills tied to “hard partying” since ending his skiing career two years ago. Northug repeatedly described his behaviour and lust for “intense experiences” as “idiotic” at a nationally televised press conference in Trondheim. Northug’s candid admission and […]

Northug wins the sympathy card

Norway’s “bad boy of skiing,” Petter Northug, has proven himself worthy of the title once again after being caught speeding last Thursday night and in possession of cocaine. On Monday a former politician and researcher who now specializes in public affairs noted how Northug seems to be playing the sympathy card, and winning. The 34-year-old […]

Northug cries as he bows out of skiing

Petter Northug is better known for being tough and sassy when he won races and mocked his rivals, but he dissolved into tears on Wednesday when he finally announced his long-predicted resignation from professional skiing. After 12 years at the highest levels of his sport, Northug is finished after a recent batch of disappointing results. […]

Northug prepares for new ‘after-ski’

Norway’s bad boy of skiing, Petter Northug, has been unusually humble and self-deprecating in recent weeks, as his hopes for a comeback on the ski trails melt before his very eyes. He even admitted to things looking “hopeless” over the weekend, but he’s scoring some success as an author and gearing up for a new […]

Northug can’t afford more trouble

Norway’s bad boy of skiing, Petter Northug, has been duly warned: His return this week to the national ski team must not be jeopardized either by bad behaviour or spending too much time training at high altitude. “There’s no doubt he drove himself hard at high altitudes,” Northug’s new coach, Arild Monsen, told state broadcaster […]

Northug breaks a record, stays mum

Finally some good news for Norway’s former skiing sensation Petter Northug: He’s won two Norwegian ski races in recent days including  Sandfjellrennet for the third time on Wednesday. He also broke Sandfjellrennet’s finishing time, but was tight-lipped about his plans for next season as questions rise around his sponsors. Northug beat national team member Didrik […]

Sick Northug ‘won’t ski in Olympics’

Norway’s former top skier Petter Northug has hardly competed this season, performed poorly when he did, failed to impress national ski team coaches and now he’s got the flu. His own personal coach, Stig Rune Kveen, now says he won’t be traveling to South Korea to compete in the Olympics. “When we stand here today […]

Northug losing his ‘lonely fight’

Petter Northug was once the biggest star among those on Norway’s star-studded national ski teams but he won’t be appearing in this year’s marathon Tour de Ski that’s starting up in Germany this weekend. Norwegian coaches still didn’t think he’s in good enough shape to earn a spot on the team, and speculation is rising […]

Northug forced to drop training

UPDATED: “This is a crisis for Petter Northug,” exclaimed former long-distance skier and NRK commentator Fredrik Aukland after Norway’s former cross-country skiing star did so poorly in the weekend’s World Cup prologue events in Lillehammer that he dropped out and went home. On Monday, leaders of the men’s national ski team dropped Northug off the […]