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Another meteorite hit Oslo home

Just as Norwegians were gearing up for their smashing performance in the Winter Olympics, another meteorite was found to have smashed into a house in Oslo’s Korsvoll district. The sensational event seemed to get lost amidst all the Olympic hype. Newspaper Dagbladet picked up the story, though, 12 days after the meteorite was discovered by […]

Geologist believed to have found large meteorite

Terje Fjeldheim, a geologist who acknowledges that he “knows a bit about rocks,” was out fishing in the mountains of Setesdal, southern Norway, when he stumbled upon what’s believed to be a meteorite weighing four-and-a-half kilos. That would make it the largest meteorite found in Norway in the last 100 years. “It was so different […]

Sparks fly over ‘missing’ meteorite

The Natural History Museum in Oslo put out a call this week for what its curator feared was a missing meteorite that hadn’t been seen since its publicized landing in the Norwegian capital earlier this year. The museum’s mystery was quickly solved when the meteorite was found in the hands of the country’s most high-profile […]

Another meteorite found in Oslo

A woman out walking her dog on the large grassy hilltop plateau known as Ekebergsletta in Oslo found the second meteorite in as many days in Norway’s capital on Tuesday. She said it was better that winning the local lottery. “I laid awake several hours last night and thought about how lucky I was,” Liv Kibsgaard […]

Meteorite smashed through Oslo roof

The owners of a small cabin in an urban holiday garden called a kolonihage in Oslo got quite a surprise when they visited the cabin for the first time in a long time over the weekend. First they discovered a hole in the cabin’s roof, and then what looked like a stone nearby. It turned out […]

Hopes high for finding metorites

There’s no lack of interest in hunting for the remains of a meteor that crashed down in the forests of Finnemarka in Lier, west of Oslo last weekend. At least one hobby astronomer, though, doesn’t think there’s much hope of finding any. “They’re driven by enthusiasm which makes them avoid the facts,” Bjørn Sørheim told state […]

Another meteor lands in Norway

There’s been more unusual noise and strong light in the night sky, this time around Trondheim when another meteor landed northeast of the city on Thursday evening. One local astronomer said it followed a typical pattern of “flying in at great speed” and then lighting up. It’s the second meteor to land in Norway since […]

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Hunt is on for latest meteor in Norway

Lots of people in and around the small town of Løten in Southern Norway could both see and hear that a meteor landed somewhere in the vicinity last week. Now the search is on to find it, a job made difficult by lots of snow in the area. “It happens from time to time that […]

More strong winds hit traffic, services

Roads were closed, flights grounded again and the popular tourist destination of Geiranger was isloated on Monday, following more strong winds and snow in the mountains of Southern Norway. The latest batch of bad weather was due to last at least through the day, and was stranding people and causing damage. Most mountain passes were […]