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Russ season off to a ‘disappointing’ start

A regional president of this year’s “Russ,” the graduating high school students who party hard for several weeks beginning around Easter, said she was “disappointed” that six of her fellow Russ in Sandnes, western Norway, immediately got in trouble for taping a 17-year-old girl to a post in a city park and throwing eggs at […]

Corona postpones ‘russ’ party season

Norway’s infamous “russ” season, normally a time when many high school students celebrate graduation with wild mass partying and bizarre rituals, has been postponed by the Corona crisis. While more than a few Norwegians can look forward to sleep better at night this spring, some reckon that the time is ripe to finally end the […]

‘Russ’ season gets off to a violent start

Norway’s annual “russ” season, during which graduating high school students engage in hard partying, is now in full swing after the Easter holidays. Police from Bærum in the south to Finnmark in the north had to deal with wild parties during the weekend, and a large gathering in Bergen that went completely out of control. Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Schools cut ‘russ’ party season short

Norway’s top high schools for teenagers keen on sports careers are cracking down on the wild annual party season for graduating seniors known as russ. Administrators at Norges Toppidrettsgymnas (NTG) in Lillehammer have had enough of the constant partying, and are reducing it to just 17 days. The russ season traditionally runs from just after the Easter holidays […]

‘Russ’ rehash their wild party season

It’s the proverbial “morning after” for thousands of graduating high school students called “russ” in Norway, after one of their most raucous and violent party seasons in years. Many staunchly defended the high costs and reckless abandon of their traditionally wild celebrations, while others think it went too far this year and are calling for changes. In […]

‘Russ’ season bursts into swing

They’re back. Red- and blue-overall-clad graduating high school students known as “russ” have taken to the streets of most Norwegian cities and towns, intent on partying with abandon and causing a certain amount of trouble along the way. New security concerns seem, however, to be taken seriously. As this year’s spring russ season churns into […]

Russian ‘downturn’ long time coming

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Jonas Gahr Støre, leader of the opposition in Parliament, could agree on at least one thing on Wednesday: Russian cyber attacks on Members of Parliament and its employees mark a serious “downturn” in relations with Norway. Tensions had already been rising, prompting Norway to step up defense efforts […]

‘Russ’ culture taken over by business

Horror stories about Norwegian high school seniors called “russ” going amok in southern climes this summer have been dominating local media. Calls are now going out for their schools to take control of Norway’s rowdy russ culture, and out of the hands of commercial business interests. “It’s very easy to sell to this group of […]

Fire destroys buses used by the ‘russ’

Police, firefighters and ambulances rushed to the scene of a major fire at Fornebu, west of Oslo, early Wednesday morning that destroyed two of the buses used for partying by graduating high school students known as russ. Heat from the fire and smoke also damaged at least one other russebuss along with additional vehicles parked inside […]

‘Russ’ drop premium for sex in roundabouts

Graduating high school students known as russ have decided to drop one of their many dubious distinctions handed out during their spring partying season. They’ll no longer award a knot in the tassels of their student caps for having sex in a roundabout, at least not in the inland community of Ringsaker. The russ (roughly pronounced […]