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A unique advertising opportunity

Our website (Views and News from Norway) has had hundreds of thousands of visitors since we officially launched the site on the 17th of May, 2009. Our traffic shows that many are extremely loyal. They are readers who visit the site regularly and represent a unique market of people interested in all things Norwegian.

Many of our readers live in Norway, may be new to the country and are interested in most of the same goods and services as resident Norwegians. appeals to a large expatriate community, be they students, diplomats, consultants or foreign workers with special skills who are employed by some of Norway’s largest companies.

Other readers click in to from as many as 70 countries every day. A majority are in the US, many of them Norwegian-Americans, and some travel frequently to Norway on business or pleasure. Like the expats already living here and keen to explore Norway, they can be interested in hotels, travel options, tourism and leisure activities, and Norwegian products to take home.

Our readers outside Norway are also often interested in Norwegian products, from books and music to food and clothing. can allow advertisers to reach a select group of readers who can make up a new customer base for many Norwegian businesses.

And the ads themselves can help ensure that those readers continue to receive a reliable source of news from Norway.

We welcome your advertising support.

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