Ice-mining project wins some support

A small company’s plans to slice ice out of an arm of a Norwegian glacier has won support from a planning commission in Meløy. It voted unanimously on Thursday to move forward with plans to start up exclusive ice cube production, but any actual production is still a long way off. The ice cube project […]

Brokers earn most, then oil workers

Annual wage talks got underway this week, right after the traditional handshake between the leaders of Norway’s largest labour and employer organizations. Negotiations begin amidst debate over pay gaps and household income differences in Norway, and after an eye-opening survey that ranked monthly paychecks in the country’s most- and least-lucrative professions. “This year it’s our […]

Norwegian Air grounds MAX jets

UPDATED: Troubled Norwegian Air reversed on Tuesday its initial decision announced Monday to keep its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets “flying as normal,” despite two deadly crashes in the past few months. Now the airline is immediately grounding all 18 MAX 8 jets, and apologizing to passengers. In a press release issued Tuesday […]

Critics try to derail NSB’s name change

Leaders of Norway’s state railway NSB ran into a torrent of angry opposition and criticism on Tuesday when they rolled out their proposal to combine rail and bus operations under a new name. Their marketing and image-building project will cost NOK 280 million, at a time when passengers have been suffering from over-packed trains and […]

Norwegian initially kept MAX jets aloft

UPDATED: Oslo-based Norwegian Air faced more turbulence this week, after the latest deadly crash of a Boeing 737 MAX-8 jet that was similar to those in Norwegian’s fleet. The airline’s already-struggling share price took a dive on Monday and was still down on Tuesday, despite release of figures showing strong passenger growth and improved punctuality. […]

Oil Fund ‘sell-off’ sends mixed signals

NEWS ANALYSIS: Political intrigue fueled the Norwegian government’s decision just before the weekend to sell off stock in companies devoted to oil exploration and production. The decision grabbed lots of attention it may not have deserved, and sends mixed signals about how top Norwegian politicians evaluate the risks of being as involved in the oil […]

Ex-Yara executive wins compensation

Tor Holba, the former executive acquitted of fraud at Norwegian fertilizer and chemical company Yara, has won NOK 35 million (USD 4.1 million) in compensation from the state. It’s the largest amount of compensation ever paid out following an acquittal, reports website Holba was charged along with three other Yara executives with corruption linked […]

IKEA dumps plans for large new stores

Large Swedish home furnishings firm IKEA, stung like other retailers by the expansion of online shopping, is selling property it had acquired for four new stores in Norway. Now IKEA also plans to concentrate on digital platforms. Shoppers are spending less money in stores and more online. That’s leading to a rise in store closures […]

Electricity rates fall back

Warmer weather and more precipitation have helped bring down electricity rates in Norway, after an unusually expensive January. They hit their lowest level in three months this past week. “We’ve gone from a situation with cold, winter weather to milder, and not least wetter, weather forecasts,” John Brottesmo, a power analyst for Kinect Energy, told […]

Trondheim ready for new food pilgrims

The Norwegian city of Trondheim has drawn pilgrims to its Nidaros Cathedral for centuries. Now food worshippers are likely to make pilgrimages as well, after two of its restaurants finally won Michelin stars Monday night. They’re the first Michelin stars for the seaside city that’s surrounded by hills and farmland. They recognize what locals have […]