Svalbard worth more than ever

Nearly a million Norwegians have been sitting through hours of more “slow TV” this week on a daily basis, apparently mesmerized by the beauty and history of Svalbard. Sunday marks 100 years since a post-World War I treaty gave Norway sovereignty over the wild and scenic archipelago, where new underwater discoveries may make the area […]

Norway boosts climate goals

Just weeks after the firmly pro-oil Progress Party withdrew from Norway’s conservative government, the now-minority coalition has registered new emission reduction goals of at least 50 percent by 2030 under the UN’s Paris Agreement. That’s highly ambitious in a country that didn’t meet its 2020 goals, and both climate advocates and researchers were surprised. The […]

Cruise captain accused of fraud, tax evasion

A Norwegian cruiseship captain has been indicted on charges of serious fraud and tax evasion, after collecting disability pay from Norway’s state pension fund over a period of eight years while also sailing from port to port as the captain on various cruiseships. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported on Thursday that an international warrant was […]

Spying agencies under more fire

Norway’s two intelligence-gathering agencies are back on the defense this week, this time in the Oslo County Court. Less than a month after the state paid out millions in compensation to a retired border inspector who got caught in a Russian spy trap, it’s now defending itself against more charges of allegedly clumsy recruiting that […]

Solberg backs joint Brexit talks with UK

Prime Minister Erna Solberg says she’s keen to cooperate with her partners in the European Economic Area (EEA/EØS), Iceland and Liechtenstein, to jointly negotiate a new trade and policy pact with the UK. The three EEA members met in Oslo on the first working day after the UK formally withdrew from the EU, and therefore the EEA […]

Sporting goods chain files for bankruptcy

Gresvig, one of Norway’s largest nationwide sporting goods chains, filed for bankruptcy on Monday. The chain with long roots in the country claimed that costs tied to its retail store structure became “too demanding.” The board of Gresvig Retail Group has also had higher purchasing costs than arch rival XXL, for example, which has larger […]

‘Snow’ opens when none is outdoors

It’s been called “a monument to climate change,” but the manager of the Oslo area’s new indoor skiing center called Snø (Snow) insists it “neither can nor will replace winter.” It’s just a coincidende, apparently, that the huge facility adjacent to the busy E6 highway at Lørenskog opened in the middle of the warmest January on […]

UD repatriates as Corona costs rise

Norway’s foreign ministry (Utenriksdepartementet, UD) has decided to help bring Norwegians home from isolated areas of China, cooperating with other European countries in an effort to hinder the spread of the potentially fatal Corona virus. The virus is already taking a financial toll on tourism, the Oslo Stock Exchange and, not least, Norway’s already-weak currency, […]

Norway, UK sign own Brexit deal

Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide signed Norway’s own “Brexit agreement” with the UK in London Tuesday afternoon. It’s aimed at securing existing rights for Norwegian and British citizens in each other’s country after the UK leaves the European Union at midnight on Friday. Søreide claimed there “will be no changes in the relation between our […]

New oil minister attracts attention

Norway’s controversial oil industry now has another new government minister to deal with, just a month after the last one had been appointed. Tina Bru, a 33-year-old rising star in the Conservative Party, has a greener profile than her predecessor but was nonetheless getting a warm welcome from the petroleum business. “This is extremely positive,” […]