Norway’s emerging Arctic capital

Norway’s northern city of Tromsø has been called “The Paris of the North” for years, but now it’s taking on entirely new significance as the “Capital of the Arctic.” The country’s venerable coastal shipping line still calls twice a day like clockwork, and we thought it was time to pay a visit, too. A coastal […]

Island tranquility, just minutes away

EXCURSIONS: After a challenging summer in the City of Oslo, the island of Gressholmen in the fjord off Norway’s capital beckons as a haven of tranquility. It’s just a short ferry ride from downtown but a world away from congestion and city sorrows, also inviting as temperatures start to fall. Ferries to the city-owned islands […]

Grabbing a fall fling on the fjord

EXCURSIONS: The sun is sinking visibly lower in the sky all over Norway, but while it’s still shining over the Oslo Fjord, it’s possible to soak up what’s left of it with a cruise over to Nesodden or around the islands. It doesn’t even have to be your last before next summer. While many of […]

Island-hopping in the Oslo Fjord

EXCURSIONS: Even though Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) recently declared that another summer is over, the weather can still be nice, at least in the inner Oslo Fjord. For those yearning to extend the summer season, it’s still fully possible to hop on a local ferry and head out to the picturesque islands that dot the fjord. […]

A touch of the tropics near Oslo

EXCURSIONS: Yes, it really can get warm in Norway during the summer and we found a lush, scenic gorge complete with waterfalls less than an hour outside the nation’s capital. Come with us to see a touch of the tropics, here in the far north. The gorge is called Asdøljuvet, and it’s one of 50 […]