Too many hands on ‘Sinnataggen’

The popular statue of an angry little boy in Oslo’s Frogner Park, called “Sinnataggen,” is suddenly showing signs of being a bit too popular this summer. Tourists keep holding its hand, and that’s causing discoloration and too much wear and tear. Instead of simply posing for photos around the statue that’s part of sculptor Gustav […]

Conflicts rise over snowmobile use

Local townships around Norway want more flexibility over whether to allow snowmobile use in their areas, not least as a means of attracting winter tourists. The state government is considering easing restrictions, but that’s strongly opposed by environmental and outdoors organizations. “We are very critical towards expansion of the transport law and especially to allowing […]

Summer weather sets new records

After a record wet June, most of Norway headed into one of the warmest and dryest months of July on record, especially in southern and southeastern Norway (Sørlandet and Østlandet). It’s been mighty warm up north, too, and the early August forecast called for more summery weather. The temperature in the far northern city of […]

Wild salmon fishing restricted

Concerns over low wild salmon stocks have prompted state officials to regulate fishing from the end of this week in several rivers and areas along the Norwegian coast. They want to ensure that as many female fish as possible can work their way up the rivers for spawning. “We are very worried about the situation […]

Hot, dry weather sparks campfire ban

All it took was two weeks with no rain for the forests around Oslo to get so dry that local fire authorities decided to ban any sort of campfire in the Norwegian capital’s surrounding areas known as marka. Forest fire danger is also high all over southern Norway. On Wednesday it became illegal to build […]

Students run over the mountains

Sporty college students from Norway’s two leading business schools were competing with each other this weekend in a long-distance relay race over the mountains between Bergen and Oslo. The route roughly follows the NSB train line called Bergensbane, hence the race name BergeNSBaneløpet. It combines running and cycling in 110 various laps, and while the […]

Great weekend for winter sports

Norway’s winter sports stars had a great weekend in various World Cup competition, and few were better than biathlon skier Tora Berger. She was “simply the best,” agreed commentators, while cross-country skiers Marit Bjørgen and Petter Northug chalked up major victories and Norway’s downhill racers flexed their muscles, too. Even the ski jumpers were somewhat […]

Ski resorts able to open early

Lots of fresh snow in the mountains was allowing several of Norway’s major ski resorts to open early for the slalom season this weekend. Some have started cranking up their ski lifts already and hope temperatures stay cold. “This is one of the earliest openings in history,” Trond Østby of the popular winter sports center […]

Etiquette guide to the ski trails

With ski season in high gear, and thousands of skiers taking part in some big races most every weekend, calls have gone out for better etiquette on the ski trails. Oslo residents were offered some polite guidelines last week, just before what’s now known as the Holmenkollen Ski Marathon began. Around 6,000 skiers actually started […]

Midsummer in magical ‘marka’

EXCURSIONS: Wednesday was Norway’s version of Midsummer Eve, known as Sankthansaften, and the weather was pretty close to perfect for the traditional boat rides and bonfires. We decided to head inland, though, to the forests called marka that surround Oslo, and it was a memorable afternoon and evening indeed. Norway’s capital, like most Norwegian cities […]