Hot, dry weather sparks campfire ban

All it took was two weeks with no rain for the forests around Oslo to get so dry that local fire authorities decided to ban any sort of campfire in the Norwegian capital’s surrounding areas known as marka. Forest fire danger is also high all over southern Norway. On Wednesday it became illegal to build […]

Regulator slaps top Oslo restaurant

Oslo’s top Maaemo restaurant which has two stars in the Michelin guide did not impress government inspectors who recently probed conditions for its chefs and waiters, Dagbladet reported. The state agency which oversees labour relations and workplace conditions (Arbeidstilsynet), found that Maaemo violated regulations on several counts. Employees work long hours with no overtime pay, […]

Orchestras losing money

Norway’s philharmonic orchestras both in Oslo and Bergen have racked up losses and been forced to chip into their capital accounts.  Both blame the losses on higher pension costs. The Oslo Philharmonic and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra logged losses for 2012 of NRK 2.8 million and NOK 3.6 million respectively. “It’s an unfortunate development,” Marti Eia-Revheim, […]

Kids forced offline at popular summer camp

The roughly 1,300 children from Oslo who’ve been accepted into a city-run  camp on an island south of the city this summer are told to leave their mobile phones at home. Camp officials want them to run around and have fun instead of sitting still and staring at screens. “Electronic gadgets and social media take […]

Queen’s art sells well

Queen Sonja opened her first separate exhibition of her own art at a gallery in the southern coastal town of Kragerø over the weekend. By Monday, more than half of her graphics had been sold. “It’s like heading into an exam,” the queen told reporters assembled at Galleri Nicolines hus in Kragerø, where artists from […]

Eurovision winner back home again

Margaret Berger, who represented Norway in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, was back on stage in Trondheim this week, not far from where she grew up in Hitra. She was excited to face local fans, but also finds fame outside the country. “Eurovision is high on the list of the Swedes, so it was there […]

Sports clubs sweat over marathon rival

An American company will be staging Oslo’s first “Rock ‘n’ Roll” half-marathon next year, complete with live bands and cheerleaders. Norway’s sports clubs aren’t welcoming the new event, fearing they’ll lose out on income and runners for the races they organize. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Oslo Half Marathon will be held in the capital next […]

Cycling fans pedal to Paris

An enthusiastic group of 21 Norwegians were leaving Oslo this week to go catch some of the Tour de France action in Paris. They’re cycling themselves, the whole way. “We’re a gang who perhaps carry our Tour de France interest a bit longer than most,” Tore Nymann, one of the organizers of the tour from […]

Weddings become big business

This past weekend,  known as Midsummer in Norway, was one of the most popular weekends of the year to get married, at a time when weddings have become a billion-kroner industry. It’s a far cry from the days of simpler country weddings, as romanticized in a classic Norwegian painting.   The trend towards more lavish, professional […]

Holmsbu heads into high season

PHOTO FEATURE: The scenic, seaside village of Holmsbu is one of many dotting the Norwegian coast that’s now gearing up for high season in the summertime. Holmsbu, known for attracting some of Norway’s most prominent artists more than 100 years ago, still thrives with new generations of those on holiday in an historic setting. [flgallery […]