DNT posts moose hunt warnings

Norway’s annual moose hunt seems to be taking priority over many Norwegians’ right to the great outdoors. Even the national trekking association DNT was warning Norwegians on Friday against hiking in areas where the moose hunt was getting underway, just as the annual autumn holiday weeks were, too. “Don’t go hiking in areas where there’s […]

NRK catches lots of moose on the move

The host and a cameraman for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s popular nature program “Ut i naturen” got much more than they’d dreamed of when they traveled to the mountain area of Folldal this winter. They hoped to capture some video of moose to illustrate a story about unusually large moose in the forests, and ended up […]

Researcher calls for moose collision fine

So many moose continue to be involved in traffic accidents in Norway that a frustrated researcher has proposed that the state highway department (Statens Vegvesen) and the state railroad (Jernbaneverket) be fined NOK 100,000 for every dead animal. That’s the only way, contends researcher Torstein Storaas, to get the two state agencies to take the […]

Moose hunter hits man on his toilet

In an almost surreal chain of events, a moose hunter in Norway ended up shooting an elderly man who thought he was safely sitting on the toilet inside his own holiday cottage. The moose, meanwhile, got away. The 70-year-old victim of the errant shooting ended up being airlifted to Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, where […]

Wounded moose went on attack

Hunters who shot but didn’t manage to kill a fully grown moose ox ended up setting off a dramatic chain of events over the weekend that ended with a member of their hunting team being flown to a hospital in Lillehammer. The wounded moose, clearly in pain and angry, reacted by going on the attack […]

Island overrun by moose

A small island off Norway’s northern coastline of Helgeland has been all but overrun by moose, who now outnumber residents by two to one. Local newspaper Brønnøysunds Avis said that parents now fear for the safety of their small children. Moose are generally shy animals, but they’re extremely large and can become aggressive if provoked. […]

Moose and lobster now living dangerously

Among the rites of a Norwegian autumn are the traditional hunts that take place in the fields, the mountains and even the sea. This year’s moose hunt is firmly underway, for example, while traps have been set along the coast to catch the ultimate underwater treasure. In Trysil, the mountain community in eastern Norway that […]

Moose meat peddled in Germany

Among the various Norwegian products on offer at a major food exposition in Germany last week was moose meat, specifically moose burgers, which disappeared almost as quickly as promoters could fry them up and serve them. “Moose (called elg in Norwegian) is exotic in Germany, and we see that in the sale of ‘elg-burgers,’” Trygve […]

Moose rescued from the ice

SEE THE VIDEO: Life isn’t always easy for the Norwegian moose, especially young moose. This week, a calf wandered out onto a frozen lake southeast of Trondheim, Selbusjøen, and promptly ran into trouble. Just like in the classic Walt Disney cartoon about Bambi, the baby deer, this (relatively) little moose simply couldn’t stand up. But […]

Grazing moose take over from cattle

The mighty moose, known as elg in Norwegian, have become so dominant in the forests of Norway that they’ve taken over cattle’s role as the most influential grazing animals. That’s causing major vegetation changes in the uncultivated areas called utmark, according to local researchers. For the past five decades, researchers from the Norwegian Institute for […]