Retired politician sentenced to jail

Svein Ludvigsen was one of Norway’s most powerful politicians. Now a court in his native Troms has sentenced him to five years in prison for abusing his power to obtain sexual favours from young male asylum seekers. The court for Troms County, where Ludvigsen was fylkesmann (county governor) after leaving Parliament and his government post […]

Police reveal advanced pedophile ring

Norwegian police have uncovered yet another network of pedophiles, this one operating with such advanced technology that they went undetected for the past 20 years. Now a gay male Norwegian couple is under arrest and police have seized several million photos and videos of assaults on young boys from around the world. State broadcaster NRK […]

Farmer shoots wolf, police investigate

A police investigation is underway in Hedmark, the southeastern Norwegian county where farmers feel most threatened by wolves, after a local sheep rancher shot a wolf three times with a rifle early Tuesday morning. He claims he found the wolf in an area where his sheep were grazing, but police haven’t found any injured or […]

Cold cuts risk of mountain falling

Norway’s cold summer weather this year is unpopular, but it has reduced new warnings that the country’s unstable mountain known as Mannen might literally fall down to the valley below. Snow that fell on its summit during the night was actually welcome, also in July. It got even colder Monday night at the top of […]

Summer holidays drown in cold rain

Norwegians from north to south were all but drowning in chilly rain or even snow as their traditional month-long summer holidays began this week. While the rest of Europe is sweltering in a heat wave, Norway seemed caught in an unusual cold snap with temperatures due to drop in the most southern parts of the […]

Meat co-op hit by consumer warning

Norway’s consumer protection authority has warned the country’s largest meat and poultry producer and market regulator, Nortura, that it appears to have violated marketing laws. It doesn’t believe Nortura can or should claim in its advertising that its meat comes only from pigs who’ve been well-treated.  “We doubt that Gilde (the meat division of Nortura) […]

Football women proud despite loss

Norwegian football fans and their national women’s football team are out of the World Cup after England all but rolled over them Thursday night. They’re still proud of making it into the quarter-finals after lots of earlier conflicts, and playing well as a united team. “This is absolutely no fiasco,” one of Norway’s star players, […]

Solberg slides into a summer slump

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg made a point of noting that her traditional mid-year press conference on Thursday was her first as leader of a majority government coalition. That hasn’t made her life any easier, with all four government parties sliding in the polls and quarreling among themselves. She claimed that the “cooperation climate” […]

Norway unlikely to meet NATO goals

It took a complaint from NATO’s Norwegian chief Jens Stoltenberg to spur Norway’s defense ministry into action this week. It finally announced a bigger contribution to NATO’s so-called “Readiness Initiative” force, but Norway is still unlikely to meet goals for overall defense spending. Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen was on the defense himself as he […]

‘Kidnapping’ may have masked murder

Norwegian police are no longer sure that the still-missing wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman was actually kidnapped last autumn. Now they think a ransom note found at the couple’s home was left to mask her murder. Police said at a press conference Wednesday that they now have new information about where the paper used […]