Norway leading the UN Security Council

NEWS ANALYSIS: Some might say she’s walking into a hornet’s nest: Norway’s new Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt is in New York this week to lead the UN Security Council at a time of high conflict levels all over the world. Huitfeldt is also keen to push Norway’s own agenda while trying not to land in […]

Trade surplus soars on energy exports

Norway can boast its largest trade surplus ever, after exports of oil, gas and electricity at high prices last year. Metals and record-high seafood sales also helped, but ongoing if controversial oil and gas sales accounted for most of the wealth still flowing into the country even as the pandemic and climate crisis drag on. […]

Court postpones winter wolf hunt

This winter’s highly controversial wolf hunt has been postponed for at least another two weeks, and perhaps indefinitely, after the Oslo County Court heard arguments for and against it late this week. A ruling isn’t due until January 29 at the earliest, just two weeks before the hunt is due to end. “If we can’t […]

Government suffers ‘dramatic’ downturn

Relaxing Corona restrictions may boost their support, but Norway’s new government suffered yet another disastrous dive in voter satisfaction this week. The two government parties, Labour and Center, fell 7.5 percentage points in the latest public opinion poll, leaving Labour with just 18.9 percent of the vote and Center with 9.4 percent. “This is a […]

Regulations eased as infection soars

Norway’s hard-pressed government is easing some of the anti-infection measures it imposed in December, even as infection levels set new records every day. No fewer than five ministers justified the changes by noting that those getting infected now aren’t likely to become seriously ill, and they want everyday life to start getting back to normal. “We’re […]

Storm warnings turned ‘all too real’

There was no lack of warnings about the threat of an extreme weather system that started hitting Norway hard on Wednesday. The high winds, blizzards and massive rain pouring down along the west coast were expected to continue into Thursday. “This can get ugly,” Aart Verhage, a regional chief for the state waterways agency NVE […]

Stoltenberg also in battle at home

As NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg struggles to fend off a new war in Europe, he’s also caught in an entirely different battle back home in Norway. His attempt to become the next chief of his homeland’s central bank has suddenly set off an uproar, and he now has a majority in Parliament against him. Stoltenberg’s […]

Critics lash out at health minister

Ingvild Kjerkol of the Labour Party had some big shoes to fill when she took over as health minister from the Conservatives’ Bent Høie last fall. Both Høie and former Prime Minister Erna Solberg generally enjoyed widespread public confidence for their handling of the Corona crisis, while Kjerkol is under increasingly tough criticism. She smiles […]

‘The risk of a conflict with Russia is real’

The foreign ministers of NATO member countries including Norway have rejected Russia’s demands that Ukraine forever be denied membership in the defense alliance. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed “the risk of a conflict is real,” as the Russian military build-up along its border to Ukraine continued this week. Stoltenberg led an extraordinary meeting of […]

Electricity demand puts rivers at risk

Rising demand for electricity and its record-high rates this winter are suddenly prompting Norwegian politicians to consider sacrificing even protected rivers and waterfalls for energy relief. On Wednesday a majority emerged in Parliament to reconsider longstanding conservation measures, and allow more production of hydroelectric power. Newspaper Klassekampen reported late last week that the Labour Party […]