Dog disease ‘probably not contagious’

UPDATED: Norwegian food and animal authorities reported five new documented cases on Wednesday of the mysterious illness that has killed 26 dogs so far. State veterinarians now don’t think the acute illness is contagious among dogs, however, and Norway’s hunting season that involves lots of dogs was launched as usual. All the new cases involved […]

More trains set to roll to Gothenburg

Public demand for more and better train service both within Norway and abroad is finally being recognized. Both state railway Vy (formerly NSB) and Swedish railway SJ are adding routes to and from the important Swedish hub of Gothenburg, due to reach five per day next year. Vy plans to run four trains a day […]

Alta crash prompts ’emergency alert’

Airbus Helicopters has issued an “Emergency Alert Service Bulletin” urging some immediate inspections after one of its helicopters crashed in the northern Norwegian city of Alta late last month. The alert was issued during the night, right after an examination of the helicopter wreckage began on Tuesday. Norway’s state accident investigations board (Statens havarikommisjon) issued […]

High voter turnout sends a message

Norwegians cast ballots in Monday’s local elections at a rate not seen for 28 years. Early and absentee voting also set new records, illustrating just how motivated Norwegians were to influence policy and set off the political change that the elections brought. The state elections directorate reported Tuesday that preliminary numbers indicate voter turnout of […]

Protest votes alter Norwegian politics

“The only answer is to be radical,” declared a triumphant Lan Marie Nguyen Berg after her flourishing Greens Party trounced Norway’s established parties not only in Oslo but all over the country as well. Monday’s local elections were an exercise in humility for Labour, the Conservatives and not least the Progress Party, as protest votes […]

More autopsies due as more dogs die

Norwegian veterinarians kept struggling over the weekend to find out why so many dogs around Norway have been infected with a potentially fatal illness. Authorities said at least 23 dogs had died as of Sunday and “we must examine more to find out how this (the illness) has spread.” Dr Jorun Jarp of the state […]

Equinor vows to clean up oil spill

Norway’s state oil company Equinor (ex-Statoil) was being bashed by environmentalists over the weekend for failing to better secure its oil terminal in the Bahamas. Last week’s devastating Hurricane Dorian ripped the covers off oil storage tanks, resulting in an oil spill that Equinor itself reports is around 1.3 kilometers long. “This is a catastrophe, […]

Shopping in Sweden sets a new record

Many Norwegians are likely to be driving over the border to Sweden again this weekend to do their grocery shopping and stock up on items that are much cheaper than at home. Cross-border trade just set another new record and there’s no sign of decline. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reports that Norwegians have spent […]

Mountain finally crashes down

The most worrisome portion of Norway’s highly unstable mountain, Mannen in Romsdalen, finally came crashing down to the valley below Thursday night. State broadcaster NRK captured the massive rockslide while local residents and geologists celebrated, after five years of steady alarms and frequent evacuations. “Nå skjer det! (Now it’s happening!)” Thrilled spectators could be heard […]

Dogs threatened by mysterious ailment

Several dogs in the Oslo area have recently been suffering sudden and fatal illnesses after a routine walk in a park. Veterinarians and state officials are sounding alarms, while upcoming events involving dogs are being cancelled. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Thursday that dog owners were being warned against walking their dogs in parks in and around […]