Norway logs first murder of the year

UPDATED: A Norwegian man in his 30s was under arrest Tuesday morning, charged with shooting and killing a well-known defense attorney at his home in Oslo. Police could later reveal that the defendant is the attorney’s own son. Police also have possession of the weapon used in the shooting, which was heard by shocked neighours. Media […]

Police probe fatal Corona-denial event

A second person has died and at least 12 are confirmed infected with the Corona virus after an illegal gathering in Gran in Hadeland just before Easter. Those attending don’t believe the Corona crisis is real and have refused to cooperate with infection trackers.  Local newspaper Hadeland and Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Monday that local […]

ISIL terror suspect faces trial in May

A 24-year-old man from Skien who’s been in custody since his arrest on terror charges in 2019 has now been indicted and faces trial next month. He’s accused of urging others in a chat group to “burn homes and buildings” in Denmark and London, where police managed to avert an attack. He’s been indicted on […]

2.7% pay raises helped avert strike

Marathon mediation through the weekend finally warded off a major strike in Norway that would have pulled more than 30,000 workers off the job and distrupted ferry- and bus service around the country. The breakthrough came after Norwegian national employers’ organization NHO gave up a controversial claim that would have resulted in a loss of […]

Hadeland fears ‘wild’ infection

The scenic rural community of Gran in Hadeland was under a new Corona alert this week after a local man in his 60s tested positive for Covid-19 after he’d died suddenly on Tuesday. Local officials believe the man, who was highly skeptical of the Corona crisis, had been ill for up to two weeks without […]

Prime minister fined and agrees to pay

NEWS ANALYSIS: “The law is the same for everyone, but not everyone is the same,” said a local Norwegian police chief, Ole B Sæverud, on Friday. That’s why only Prime Minister Erna Solberg is being fined (NOK 20,000) in connection with her 60th birthday party, arranged by her husband, that violated her own government’s strict […]

‘Atlantic Crossing’ crosses the Atlantic

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) has confirmed that its dramatization of Crown Princess Martha’s role during World War II is “mostly fiction.” The NRK series Atlantic Crossing is now being aired on PBS’ venerable Masterpiece Theater in the US, where hundreds of thousands of Norwegian-Americans may not be aware that it’s far from being factually correct. When […]

Erna lays plans to emerge from crisis

Prime Minister Erna Solberg presented a new four-step plan on Wednesday to gradually guide Norway out of the Corona crisis over the next three months. The current shutdown may start to ease from next week, with some sort of pre-Corona normality in place by mid- to late summer. Solberg stressed throughout her lengthy and surprisingly […]

Famed sculpture vandalized again

Someone has tried once again to saw through the ankle of Norway’s iconic bronze sculpture of an angry little boy in Oslo’s Frogner Park. This time, however, the vandals may have been captured on surveillance cameras. The small sculpture called Sinnataggen, which depicts a naked little boy having a temper tantrum, was attacked during the night […]

Corona may finally kill off duty-free

Never before has the future of Norway’s admittedly “absurd” duty-free shopping system been more vulnerable to permanent shutdown. After living without travel abroad during the past Corona year, many claim the time is now ripe to do away with the duty-free quotas such travel has allowed. The debate over what Norwegians call “taxfree” has raged […]