Pastors end strike after prayers answered

The labour organization representing pastors in the Norwegian Church ended a month-long strike this week, after securing a significant raise in base pay. Strike leaders called that “a victory, both for pastors and other church employees.” The Norwegian Church is no longer a state church but still receives most of its funding from the state, […]

More wolves shot in Norway

Norway is in the midst of yet another state-authorized wolf hunt, aimed at reducing the numbers of predators that threaten free-grazing livestock and some rural residents. The 11th wolf in one pack was shot over the weekend. The goal was to eliminate the entire pack known as Kynna in the Åsnes area in eastern Norway. […]

Skiers hail American winner

Norway’s national ski teams didn’t take part in the tough long-distance Tour de Ski this New Year, because of Corona infection concerns. The Norwegian skiers are nonetheless hailing the winner of the women’s race, Jessica Diggins of the US, even calling her “a blessing for the sport.” Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, who’s been knocked out of […]

‘Historic’ few killed in traffic accidents

For the first time in more than 70 years, the number of annual traffic fatalities in Norway fell below 100 in 2020. A total of 95 people lost their lives in road accidents last year, 13 fewer than in 2019. It’s also the first time since 1947, when few Norwegians had cars, that less than […]

Oslo and Bergen can ban fossil-fueled cars

City officials in Oslo and Bergen are planning to make life even more difficult for motorists without electric cars. They’ve won state approval to ban cars fueled by gasoline or diesel in certain neighbourhoods and, by 2030, everywhere within the city limits. It’s the latest extreme political initiative in the drive to make Oslo and […]

Fireworks increasingly frowned upon

There were fewer public fireworks displays around Norway on New Year’s Eve, because of most local authorities’ reluctance to assemble crowds of spectators. Nearly 70 percent of Norwegians, meanwhile, are skeptical towards sales of fireworks to private individuals, according to a new survey. News bureau NTB reports that fully 40 percent of those questioned in […]

Snow knocked out power lines

Thousands of households and holiday homes experienced frequent and lengthy power failures this week, after lots of heavy wet snow fell all over southeastern Norway. More than 60 homes in Østre Toten were without electricity for 44 hours, while romjul holidays were spoiled for lots of those taking time off at holiday cabins. That’s because […]

Rare sunshine turned to slippery snow

After weeks of rain throughout most of December, the sun finally came out on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in much of  Southern Norway. It all turned into heavy snow and more rain on Saturday, though, making roads and highways hazardous. Police all over Østlandet and in the mountain regions were issuing warnings Saturday […]

Oil ministry scolded over Equinor

Norway’s State Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen) has concluded that the government has done a poor job following up on its large ownership stake in state oil company Equinor. The oil ministry failed, according to state auditors, to make enough demands for information regarding Equinor’s deeply troubled international operations. Equinor has been in trouble for months over […]

Handball thriller sparks celebration

Norway’s national women’s handball team has long been a major player, quite literally, on the international stage. They were still celebrating Monday after beating France Sunday night to claim the European Championship. Commentators called it a thrilling match by all accounts, after Norway narrowly won by a score of 22-20. Star player Nora Mørk made […]