ISIL wife’s verdict due in May

Prosecutors are seeking a four-year prison term for a young Norwegian woman who traveled to Syria in 2013 after marrying a Norwegian foreign fighter for the terrorist group ISIL. Her defense attorney claims she should be acquitted, portraying her instead as a victim of human trafficking. Her trial ended just before the Easter holiday week, […]

Ships can finally sail through Suez again

Norwegian shipowners were breathing a sigh of relief Monday morning, after news broke that a huge containership that ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal last week had been freed. More than 300 ships have been waiting at both ends of the important waterway to get through. News bureaus reported that it will take several […]

Stavanger cuts back on cruising

Tourism-related businesses demonstrated in downtown Stavanger this week against the city’s decision to limit the number of cruiseships to 200 a year. They fear large revenue losses, while many local residents won’t miss the huge vessels at all. “Residents have for a long time been very dissatisfied that huge floating residential buildings come sailing in […]

Wage talks break down already

It only took a day, from Wednesday to Thursday, before national employers’ organization NHO and Norway’s largest trade union federation LO declared they were “too far apart” to hope for any wage agreement. Now they’ll head into mediation after the Easter holidays, but strikes loom. The breakdown came as no surprise. “We knew when we […]

Last body found in mudslide debris

Police in the rural community of Ask in Gjerdrum, northeast of Oslo, reported the discovery of a body in the remains of a massive landslide that hit a residential area on December 30. The body is believed to be the last of 10 people missing since the tragedy that resulted in nine fatalities so far. […]

No fines for partying Labour politicians

Police in the northern city of Bodø have dropped charges against the Labour Party’s deputy leder, Bjørnar Skjæran, and seven other Labour politicians after they were caught partying in an expensive hotel suite last weekend. Police cited a legal clash between state and local regulations aimed at preventing the spread of the Corona virus. Skjæran […]

Central bank confirms rising rates

Norway’s central bank left the country’s key policy rate unchanged on Thursday at 0.0 percent, despite higher underlying inflation than expected and much higher housing prices. Rates will “most likely” be raised, however, later this year and “somewhat faster” than earlier thought. Norges Bank‘s committee in charge of monetary policy and financial stability voted unanimously […]

Norwegian’s Hong Kong documentary nominated for an Oscar

A documentary on the demonstrations in Hong Kong that was directed by Norwegian journalist Anders Hammer is among those nominated for an Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. Hammer spent several months on the front lines of Hong Kong residents’ desperate attempts to preserve their democracy, amidst brutal repression ordered from Beijing. Hammer’s “Do Not […]

No further probes of oil rig capsize

Norway’s state Auditor General’s office has determined that Norwegian authorities did not sufficiently follow up those who survived the capsizing of the oil platform Alexander Kielland in 1980. They found no basis, however, for a new investigation. The Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen) released its examination of how the authorities handled their responsibilities after the capsizing, which […]

Skiing drama ends World Championships

Norway and Russia literally collided when the Nordic World Ski Championships ended Sunday with the tough men’s 50-kilometer race. The ensuing drama capped a week of triumph otherwise for Norway, which totally dominated the competition and collected 32 medals, only to leave with some bad feelings on all sides. The drama climaxed when Norwegian skiing star […]