Norway hangs on to Euro2020 hopes

After beating Malta and tying with Sweden over the weekend, Norway’s national men’s football team isn’t giving up hopes of qualifying for the European Championships next year (Euro2020). Norway is currently, however, only in fourth place in its qualifying group that’s topped by powerhouse Spain. “We’re still in the game,” claimed Norwegian captain Stefan Johansen, […]

Telemark man held on terror charges

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST has arrested a man in his 20s from Telemark and charged him with cooperating with others to plan or prepare for a terrorist attack. A Norwegian court quickly ordered him held for at least four weeks in jail with no visitors or communication, while police continue to investigate the charges against […]

ExxonMobil selling North Sea fields to local firm

Norwegian oil firm Vår Energi, formed through the merger of Point Resources and ENI Norge late last year, has confirmed it’s buying ExxonMobil’s remaining oil field stakes on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that Vår Energi is expected to pay as much as USD 4.5 billion. Confirmation came after DN  had […]

Archaeologists find hull of Viking ship

Preliminary excavations into the discovery of more Viking treasures south of Oslo have led to the hull of what archaeologists are calling the Gjellestadskip. It’s reportedly “in good shape,” and believed to be older than Norway’s famed Oseberg and Gokstad ships. “I think the mood could be best described as more or less euphoric,” Christian […]

Norway working to bring spy home

Norway’s foreign ministry is reportedly spending millions trying to get convicted spy Frode Berg freed from prison in Moscow. The goal, reports state broadcaster NRK, is to get Berg home to Kirkenes in Northern Norway before ceremonies are held later this fall to mark the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s liberation of Finnmark in […]

Minister scolds animal rights activists

Norway’s agriculture minister claims the country’s meat industry has no reason to be ashamed and that rising criticism of it can be taken out of perspective. Her comments came after a group of animal rights activists chained themselves last week to the gate of a slaughterhouse in Eidsvoll. Around 50 activists had turned up demanding […]

Bærum ranks highest in median pay

Residents of Bærum, the affluent suburban area west of Oslo, have Norway’s highest median monthly pay of NOK 49,200 (USD 5,466). Asker (west of Bærum) and Oppegård (south of Oslo) ranked next. The remote Arctic island of Røst ranked lowest in Norway, with residents earning median income of NOK 35,400 a month. The new numbers […]

Shoe print offers lead in kidnapping probe

Footprints made with a shoe sold at Spar Kjøp stores in Norway have given police their latest lead in the disappearance of a wealthy investor’s wife last fall. They still think, however, that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen died during an alleged kidnapping attempt. Hagen disappeared from her family’s home in Lørenskog on October 31 last year. A […]

Newspaper scolded over Giske coverage

One of Norway’s largest national newspapers, VG, was declared guilty Wednesday on five counts of breaking ethical standards set by the National Press Federation (Norsk Presseforbund). VG itself had pleaded guilty to two counts in its coverage of how Labour Party politician Trond Giske was photographed dancing late at night with a young woman  in […]

Minister keen to curb foreign tour buses

It may take time, says Transport Minister Jon Georg Dale of the conservative Progress Party, but he’s keen to regulate foreign tour buses more strongly and actively. Opposition Center Party politicians claim it’s a “great shame” that the government hasn’t done more to help Norwegian bus drivers who can’t compete against the cheaper foreign competition […]