Permission granted to shoot another wolf

State authorities have given hunters in Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark permission to shoot and kill a third wolf this winter. They claim there’s an unusual number of wolves in Finnmark at present, and they’re blamed for attacking more than 60 reindeer and free-grazing sheep last year. Newspaper Sør-Varanger avis reported Tuesday that hunters can […]

Norwegian Air denies cash problems

Analysts have long claimed that Norwegian Air needs to sell off aircraft in order to ward off a financial crisis. The Oslo-based airline has finally commented on the negative reports and claims it will avoid any cash shortages this winter. “The numbers for 2018 are not ready yet,” Norwegian Air’s finance director Geir Karlsen wrote […]

Housing prices rise in line with salaries

Year-end figures showed that housing prices in Norway rose an average of 2.8 percent in 2018, in line with average wage growth. The figures from the real estate association Eiendom Norge also showed that the total number of homes sold was higher than in the record year of 2015. Brokers think the real estate market […]

Solberg takes off for India

Prime Minister Erna Solberg will be taking a break from negotiations to expand her government this weekend, when she flies off on an official visit to India. The visit was planned long before the Christian Democrats finally decided to consider joining Solberg’s non-socialist government coalition. The visit is scheduled over two days, January 7 and […]

Avalanche warnings north and west

More warnings of high avalanche danger were posted late this week from Møre in the southwest to Troms in the north. Emergency crews in Troms, meanwhile, were making another attempt Friday to search for four skiers who disappeared in an area that’s had several avalanches in recent days. Bad weather thwarted efforts to send helicopters […]

National Gallery draws thousands before closing

Lines have been forming outside Norway’s popular National Gallery, with fans keen to visit one last time before it closes on January 13. Its collections that include many of the country’ most cherished paintings will be moved to the new National Museum, due to open in 2020. “The huge interest is likely a combination of […]

Gasoline, diesel sales dive

Sales of both gasoline (petrol) and diesel fell 28 percent last year in the western neighbourhoods of Oslo, and 16 percent in suburban Asker and Bærum. The sharp decline is linked to an even sharper rise in sales of electric cars. Electric cars of all types are driving the car market at present, and driving […]

Four missing after avalanches

Three men from Finland and a woman from Sweden were missing Wednesday, after they’d set off on a trek to the summit of Blåbærtind in the valley called Tamokdalen in Troms, Northern Norway. Several avalanches are believed to have occurred in the area while they were there. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that police were unsure […]

108 people killed on Norwegian roads last year

State highway officials reported that fatal accidents on Norwegian roads rose slightly last year, but the total remained much lower than in the 1970s despite the country’s large increase in population. Police credit better roads and safer vehicles. They still contend that the 108 people killed in car accidents in 2018 are 108 too many. […]

New Year fireworks injure 16

Despite lots of warnings over the risks of setting off private fireworks, and bans on them in central urban areas, 16 people suffered severe eye injuries on New Year’s Eve. Now some political parties want to ban them entirely. The cities’ major public fireworks displays aren’t enough for those who insist on setting off their […]