SAS cancels another 429 flights

After nearly 12 hours of mediation on the May 1st Labour Day holiday on Wednesday, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and its striking pilots still hadn’t come to terms. The airline thus cancelled 429 more flights on Thursday, ruining travel plans for another 54,000 passengers. SAS had already cancelled 280 morning flights on Thursday but had hoped […]

SAS and its pilots renew mediation

Negotiators for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and its pilots’ unions returned to the bargaining table at 11am on Wednesday, which happens to be the Labour Day holiday in Norway and most of the rest of Europe. Hopes were rising by midday that the pilots’ strike that began Friday morning would soon end. “I can confirm that […]

SAS lays off 1,000 employees

SAS put more pressure on its striking pilots Tuesday afternoon, when it announced it was laying off more than 1,000 employees. Most of them are cabin crew who have no work to do when the vast majority of SAS flights are grounded. SAS also cancelled another 504 flights due to take off on Wednesday, which […]

Weather due to get cold again

State meteorologists are warning this week against putting winter clothes in storage. After several days of summer-like temperatures, weather fronts moving in from Greenland and Finland are due to collide over Norway and bring winter back by Thursday. “I hope folks haven’t packed away their down jackets,” state meteorologist Kristian Gislefoss told state broadcaster NRK. […]

Gasoline prices hit new highs

Oil prices have been rising again lately and gasoline (petrol) prices at the pump have shot up as well. The Circle K stations sold off by Norway’s state oil company when it was still called Statoil set a new record this week, with a pump price of NOK 17.30 per liter. That amounts to well […]

Border trade sets another record

Never before have the shopping centers in the Swedish border towns of Nordby, Charlottenberg and Töcksfors generated more revenue than over the recent long Easter holidays in Norway. With more holidays looming in May, Swedish merchants can look forward to more boom times ahead. “We had a fantastic week last week and set a record […]

Sheep delivered seven lambs

Sheep rancher Øystein Knutsen said he could hardly believe it when one of his ewes gave birth Easter Sunday morning to no less than seven lambs. All of them, including the ewe herself, survived. Three days later, an unusually large flock was stumbling around in Knutsen’s barn at Vang in Hamar. Three of the lambs […]

Fire threatens southwestern Norway

Emergency crews worked through the night to battle forest- and brush fires in both Rogaland and Vest-Agder in southwestern Norway. Firefighters believed they had “better control” by late morning on Wednesday but feared strong winds could spread smoldering embers. Nearly 150 households in Sokndal  and 10 in Lyndgal remained under evacuation orders. “This is a […]

Street artist’s Assange painting disappeared

The Norwegian artist who goes by the initials AFK mounted another politically charged painting in Bergen over the weekend, this time depicting a tortured Julian Assange. It didn’t last long, and was gone by Monday morning. The painting showed Assange dressed like prisoners in Iraq who were mocked and harassed by US troops. Assange’s leaks […]

Sunniest Easter holidays in years

Millions of Norwegians returned to work and school on Tuesday, after the sunniest and, according to officials in Norway, least eventful Easter holidays in years. Police reported that there wasn’t even any major traffic congestion either on the exodus over the Palm Sunday weekend or the return this past weekend. There were few if any […]