Another hospital protest in Oslo

Demonstrators gathered in front of the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo once again this week, to protest the controversial merger of the capital’s largest hospitals. The merger continues to spark complaints from health care personnel and patients alike. It was organized by employee organizations at Aker Hospital, which is set to be closed, along with support […]

How parties target voters’ sweet tooth

Gearing up for the local elections campaign, many of Norway’s political parties target the voters’ sweet tooth, handing out politically flavored candy on the streets. Others hope to put traditional buttons on people’s chests. Hover your mouse above a photo to see a caption and use the arrows to navigate the photo series. [flgallery id=48 /] […]

Summertime, and the fishing is easy

Some summer-like weather finally returned to Oslo this week, and Wednesday was particularly warm and clear. That drew folks to the waterfront, including dozens of avid fishermen and women who lined the pier under the Akershus Fortress and Castle late in the evening. This is where cruiseships tend to tie up during the day, but […]

Portrait of Norway’s ‘powers that be’

It’s traditional for King Harald and Queen Sonja to invite the politicians forming Norway’s government (cabinet) for seasonal dinners, but this year’s pre-summer gathering was a bit different. Instead of a formal affair at the Royal Palace, the lawmakers and members of the royal family got together at the newly remodelled summer palace on Bygdøy, […]

Oslo’s developing waterfront, in a photo collage

Oslo has been undergoing massive waterfront redevelopment for years, and for better or worse. Some argue the city is being walled in with large and expensive high-rise office and apartment buildings, while others argue the replacement of old industrial areas with commercial and residential projects is providing better access to the fjord. Debate continues to […]

War hero’s statue finally in place

They didn’t manage to get a new statue of war hero Max Manus in place in time for Liberation and Veterans’ Day ceremonies on May 8, but city and state authorities could finally unveil Oslo’s newest memorial this week after months of debate. They chose June 7th, which not only is the day when Norway […]

Duck family walks out on Stoltenberg

Under the personal protection of Jens Stoltenberg and some of his security people, Norway’s most famous duck family checked out of the prime minister’s residence this week and into the royal palace pool across the heavily trafficked street of Parkveien. The duck mum had settled on the porch of the prime minister’s newly built residence […]

Grandmothers pressuring Statoil

A diverse coalition of 24 political groups ranging from Greenpeace to Grandparents Climate Action of Norway has demanded that Norway’s government and parliament force Statoil to pull out of a controversial oil sands venture in Canada. This week Terje Aasland (left), chairman of the business and trade committee in the Norwegian parliament (Storting), was handed […]

Syrians protest killings back home

Approximately 70 people, mostly Syrians, rallied outside Norway’s foreign ministry on Friday to protest the increasing use of violence against demonstrators in their home country. According to news website Al Jazeera, at least 20 protesters were killed in several Syrian cities when police opened fire on demonstrators. The protest in Oslo, however, was peaceful but loud, […]

‘Super moon’ illuminates Oslo

An unusually large moon was hanging over Oslo’s rooftops on Saturday night, marking the biggest full moon since 1983 and spurring scores of people to head for a cold night out to get an undisturbed view of the unusual lunar phenomenon.  The so-called “Super Moon” appeared bigger than usual because it was just 577 kilometers […]