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Center Party: Let Israel into NATO?

Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) deputy Ola Borten Moe proposed a radical new suggestion to deal with the ongoing Middle East conflict on Tuesday – inviting Israel to join NATO. He said rather than boycott Israeli goods, Norway should build stronger relationships with Israel, and help integrate the country into safe and economically stable European communities. […]

Center Party as divided as ever

Norway’s former oil minister Ola Borten Moe was fighting for his political life over the weekend, as party fellows kept quarreling over whether they still want him as a deputy leader of the small Center Party. The leaders of nearly half its county chapters in Norway want to dump him, and the deeply troubled party […]

Vedum likely to lead Center Party

Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, the former agriculture minister from Hedmark known for always wanting to protect his fellow farmers, now looks likely to become the next leader of the small farmer-friendly Center Party after top candidate Marit Arnstad said she didn’t want the job. Arnstad has given Vedum her support. “I don’t think anyone can challenge […]

Scandal grows around Center Party

Norway’s small Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) logged one of its worst elections in years last week and has lost government power after eight years in the outgoing left-center coalition. Now its image is further tarnished by new revelations regarding its acceptance of illegal financial support from a publicly owned power company in Northern Norway. The company, […]

Center Party keen to close borders

Norway’s rural-oriented Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) shocked even its sister party in Sweden over the weekend when it voted to promote withdrawal from the so-called “Schengen agreement” that has opened borders among various European countries. The party also wants to replace Norway’s economic agreement with the European Union, in addition to securing high tariffs and […]

Center Party hushed up call for oil law changes

Norway’s oil and energy ministry, long run by politicians from the small, rural-oriented and anti-EU Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp), hushed up a two-year conflict with European free trade authorities in Brussels over whether the state could require oil companies to set up operations in outlying areas. The ministry apparently lost and is proposing changes in […]

Center Party leader hangs on

The leader of Norway’s embattled Center Party, which now commands less than 5 percent of the vote but nonetheless enjoys government power, refused to give up the helm over the weekend. Liv Signe Navarsete isn’t about to release her grip on power, even though around 95 percent of Norway’s voters don’t support her politics. And […]

Pressure grows on Center Party

Norway’s small Center Party, known for championing the interests of the country’s rural areas over its cities, has found itself under harsh questioning in the heart of the capital lately over money it accepted for renewable energy projects. The funds ended up being used on last year’s campaign instead, which also left the party open […]

Small Center Party in big trouble

Norway’s small but powerful Center Party, which makes up part of the government coalition, has landed in a heap of trouble after a string of embarrassing revelations over top party members’ failure to report gifts. Then came news that the party itself had accepted large, illegal cash contributions, while some weren’t used for their intended […]

Center Party politician seeks more restrictions

A politician for the Center Party is launching another effort to restrict sales of items she thinks are harmful to the public. The items she now finds objectionable are aspirin and other pain relievers. It’s only been in the past few years that Norwegians have been allowed to buy some non-prescription remedies in grocery stores […]