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Man from Skien tied to terrorist attack

A Palestinian man who has lived in Norway since 1991 was charged this week with alleged participation in a terrorist attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris in August 1982. His Norwegian defense attorney claims he had nothing to do with it, but he was ordered held in custody pending extradition to France. French police […]

Stabbings set off a terror response

UPDATED: Norway’s emergency services responded in force late Tuesday night, after three women were stabbed in three separate locations in the southern city of Sarpsborg. Police arrested a 31-year-old man who was being held in custody at local hospital Wednesday night, believed to be mentally unstable. He’s charged with stabbing all three women, one of […]

Syrian charged with terror financing

A 31-year-old Syrian citizen remained in police custody in Norway this week, charged with financing terrorism in his homeland. He was ordered jailed for at least four weeks, while police continue their investigation. The suspect, arrested at his home in southeastern Norway, denies the charges against him, according to his defense attorney Harald Otterstad. When […]

Terror recovery takes a long time

More than a million Norwegians committed and even forced themselves to watch state broadcaster NRK’s highly acclaimed TV series about their national trauma on the 22nd of July, 2011. It’s taking a long time to recover and not least rebuild Norway’s heavily damaged government complex after the twin attacks that day by a lone right-wing […]

PST raises threat of right-wing terror

Norway’s domestic police intelligence unit PST issued a new terror warning on Thursday that raises the threat of attacks carried out by right-wing extremists. The threat level in Norway, PST believes, is now “clearly worrisome.” Norway already has been the site of one of the worst right-wing extremist attacks in the world, when a young […]

PST confirms Danish terror connection

Norway’s domestic police intelligence agency PST has confirmed that a young Norwegian man charged with terrorism in Norway has had contact with one or more of those arrested in a major crackdown on an alleged terrorist network in Denmark. Danish police claim a terrorist attack was in the planning stages. “I can confirm that there […]

Terror defendant can stand trial

Court-appointed psychiatrists have determined that the young ultra-right-wing Norwegian who murdered his adopted step-sister and then opened fire in a mosque is capable of standing trial. Police have also determined that the 23-year-old Philip Manshaus acted alone. After 11 conversations with Philip Manshaus, the psychiatrists unanimously agreed that he suffered no form of psychosis when […]

Telemark man held on terror charges

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST has arrested a man in his 20s from Telemark and charged him with cooperating with others to plan or prepare for a terrorist attack. A Norwegian court quickly ordered him held for at least four weeks in jail with no visitors or communication, while police continue to investigate the charges against […]

Terrorist wanted ‘to scare Muslims’

The 21-year-old Norwegian charged with firing shots inside a mosque and murdering his Chinese-born step-sister last weekend agreed on Monday to undergo a pre-trial psychiatric observation. He now refuses to undergo more questioning by police, but has told them that his main goal was “to scare Muslims.” Unni Fries, defense attorney for Philip Manshaus of […]

PST ‘underestimates white terror threat’

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST received tips last year about the young Norwegian white supremacist who murdered his adopted ethnically Chinese step-sister and then attacked a mosque in Bærum during the weekend. PST didn’t take contact with him, even though he had access to weapons, and now they’re accused of not taking right-wing extremists seriously […]