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Climate criticism hits Center Party

One deputy leader of the Center Party with a stake in the oil business wants Norway to pump up as much oil and gas as it can, while another is listening to calls for a more climate- and environment-friendly profile. As otherwise upbeat party members gathered for their annual national meeting this weekend, they’re split […]

Center Party survived scandal

Voters didn’t seem to mind that someone in a group of 10 powerful men with strong links to the farmer-friendly Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) sent an obscene and sexually harassing message to the party’s former leader, Liv Signe Navarsete. New polls show the party can still claim more than 10 percent of the vote. None […]

Ugly harassment soils Center Party

UPDATED: Norway’s Center Party, known for championing the interests of farmers and rural districts, is facing national disgrace after revelations of some ugly sexual harassment against its former leader, Liv Signe Navarsete. It came from a group of 10 men, eight of whom have held top party roles, who were on holiday together at a […]

Center Party wants to reverse sugar tax hike

Taxes on sugar and sugar products were boosted by 83 percent on January 1, and by 42.3 percent on soft drinks and other alcohol-free drinks. The idea was to reduce consumption of sugar, but now some politicians worry the higher taxes will simply encourage more Norwegians to do their shopping in neighbouring Sweden. “We can […]

Center Party now targeting eagles

Norway’s farmer-friendly Center Party, which has long wanted to shoot more wolves, is moving forward with plans to target eagles as well. It claims there are now so many kongeørn (golden eagles) in Norway that they’re threatening grazing livestock. “The golden eagles are a problem for grazing animals, especially along the coast,” Marit Arnstad, the Center Party’s […]

Center Party killed national park plan

Norway’s resurgent Center Party promotes a “green” image and champions rural interests, but it puts a higher priority on use of the land than preservation of it. That’s how its political control of a small rural area southeast of Oslo succeeded in halting plans to preserve a portion of the capital’s eastern forest known as […]

Conflicts of interest ram Center Party

Ola Borten Moe is a former Oil & Energy Minister for the Center Party who now leads its program committee heading into the next national election. He’s also attracting questions of conflicts of interest, since he’s gone into the oil business himself while also seeking benefits for small oil companies like his own and calling for cuts in […]

Center Party also ‘polarizes’ rural areas

Not everyone living in rural areas is an ardent supporter of the Center Party, which is now posing a threat to the re-election of Norway’s conservative government coalition. One resident of  Telemark has claimed the party is also pitting rural communities against each other, while others complain about the disproportionate power of Norway’s small political parties in […]

Center Party politician faced expulsion

A small-town politician for the rural-oriented Center Party was told this week that he’d be expelled if he didn’t resign voluntarily, after a social media group he runs became an arena for ultra-right-wing extremists who published hateful comments about Islam and muslims. Jan-Ove Fromreide told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Monday afternoon that he would leave the party, and had asked […]

Center Party blasts productivity moves

Norway’s small, rural-oriented Center Party has, as expected, blasted proposals presented this week that are aimed at boosting productivity. The party’s leader called them “an attack on Norwegian society.” Trygve Slagsvold Vedum claimed that the proposals of a professional commission, appointed by the government to help Norway get more out of its huge public sector investment, would […]