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‘Goliat’ platform in trouble again

The huge Goliat oil platform, Norway’s first in the Barents Sea, is still plagued by so many technical problems that safety regulators are warning they’ll issue an injunction to halt operations if the problems aren’t solved. The order comes just after Goliat came under new management and altered ownership this week, and as Norway must […]

Troubled ‘Goliat’ knocked out again

Norway’s Labour Minister Anniken Hauglie has vowed that the chronically troubled Goliat platform in the Barents Sea won’t be allowed to restart operations until all its problems are corrected. It’s been shut down once again by the state petroleum agency, at a time when safety concerns on offshore oil installations are rising. “There is no […]

Explosion risk shuts down ‘Goliat’ platform

Norwegian authorities have ordered another shutdown of the huge problem-plagued Goliat platform in the Barents Sea. Now they claim the electrical system on board the platform is so poorly secured that it could set off an explosion. Magazine Teknisk Ukeblad reported that the oil industry’s regulatory agency Petroleumtilsynet is dissatisfied with conditions on board Goliat. The electrical […]

‘Goliat’ platform still struggling

Norway’s pioneering offshore platform on the Goliat field in the Arctic was out of operation again last week. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that field operations were disrupted nearly four out of every 10 days last year, but the chief executive of the Italian oil company in charge claims he’s still proud of Goliat. “We had down-time […]

More trouble for ‘Goliat’ platform

Norwegian petroleum authorities have signaled another security inspection of the long-troubled Goliat platform in the Barents Sea, around 90 kilometers northwest of Hammerfest. It was shut down again this week, for the fifth time since it was put in place just last year. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported this week that more trouble was discovered […]

Troubled ‘Goliat’ rig back in business

Improvements to an emergency generator were among the maintenance tasks that allowed Italian oil compani Eni to crank up production again this week on its long-troubled Goliat oil and gas platform in the Barents Sea. The company claimed the rig was back up to 90 percent of normal production by Wednesday. The huge installation located 80 kilometers northwest of Hammerfest has […]

‘Goliat’ problems spark inquiry

Safety concerns and accusations of a “clown culture” on board the huge Goliat oil platform in the Barents Sea have sparked an inquiry from Norway’s Labour Minister. She wants some answers from the state authorities who’ve also been criticized over how they’ve handled complaints from workers and their unions. Labour Minister Anniken Hauglie is concerned over working conditions […]

‘Goliat’ platform hit by new problems

It’s been a rough week for the huge Goliat oil platform that finally became Norway’s first to operate in the Barents Sea. Conflicts over safety concerns ended up with an evacuation of Goliat late Friday night, and all production was halted. Newspapers Upstream and Dagens Næringsliv (DN) were reporting last week about how labour unions representing those working […]

Oil fund tapped as Goliat field opens

Norway could finally carry out the ceremonial opening of its first oil field in the Barents Sea this week. The long-overdue Goliat oil field project has begun pumping up Arctic oil, just after Finance Minister Siv Jensen had to make another withdrawal from Norway’s oil fund, the state pension fund that’s been fueled over the past 20 years by oil […]

Tech trouble adds to cost of Goliat oil field

Italian oil major Eni has warned of delays and substantial cost overruns in developing the Goliat oil field in the Barents Sea. Eni says production will start almost a year late and cost NOK 36.7 billion, which is approximately 20 percent over initial estimates. Eni spokesman Andreas Wulff told local newspaper Finnmark Dagblad that “unforeseen […]