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India claims more tax from Telenor

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, which ran into severe problems doing business in India, now faces a new tax claim from Indian authorities amounting to NOK 775 million (nearly USD 100 million). Telenor disputes the demand. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and TDN Finans reported Wednesday that the extra tax claim is being issued in connection with […]

Telenor finally sells troubled India unit

After years of heavy losses and regulatory conflicts, Norway’s large telecoms firm Telenor has finally pulled the plug on its operations in India. Its deal to sell long-troubled Telenor India to Bharti Airtel, at a stunning loss of NOK 25 million, was “the best we could manage,” claimed Telenor’s embattled chief executive Sigve Brekke. “Of course […]

Telenor gets new licenses in India

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor hasn’t given up on doing business in India despite getting caught up in a major political conflict that left it without licenses to operate mobile phone service through an Indian partnership. On Wednesday it won new licenses at a state auction, and said it intends to continue offering mobile phone service […]

Telenor tries to cut losses in India

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor is pulling out of its weakest markets in India and concentrating instead on operations where it performs best. Meanwhile, the company has reported weaker results than expected, largely because of its ill-fated Indian venture. Telenor’s involvement in India has been a huge drain on the company and that was reflected in […]

Telenor writes off Indian investment

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor announced on Monday that it was writing off the rest of its huge investment in mobile telephone operations in India. It’s the latest development in a major conflict over operating licenses that’s involved the highest levels of government in both Norway and India, and resulted in billions of kroner in losses […]

Telenor faces legal marathon in India

Norwegian telecoms giant Telenor has opted to file a huge compensation claim against its partner in India, Unitech, after their joint venture Uninor lost the mobile phone licenses needed to conduct business. Telenor blames the license loss on Unitech, which is responding with a counter claim. It all means that Telenor faces a long and […]

Telenor gets some support in India

Things may be looking up for Telenor, after both a Norwegian and an Indian government minister came with some words of support on Tuesday. Rigmor Aasrud met with her Indian counterpart in New Delhi and said he called Telenor “an important partner” who’s been caught up in “a situation where it’s not to blame.” Aasrud, […]

More trouble for Telenor in India

An attempt by Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor to cash in on a potentially huge market for mobile phone service in India has backfired badly. Now Telenor is once again turning to its biggest shareholder, the state, for help after getting in trouble on foreign investments. Opposition politicians claim Telenor’s investment in India may turn out […]

Telenor at a crossroads in India

Major Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor has lost huge sums of money investing in India’s mobile phone business. Critics say that it’s time the company pulls out of India, but Telenor executives disagree. The new head of Telenor’s Indian subsidiary Uninor, Sigve Brekke, claims things are getting better and that Telenor wants to stay in India on a […]

‘Sad’ and ‘dark’ day at divided Telenor

UPDATED: One of Norway’s most high-profile female executives, Berit Svendsen, seemed to have lost a long-standing power struggle with her boss at Telenor, CEO Sigve Brekke. He later claimed he was merely trying to expand her competence by offering her new assignments that she didn’t want. Svendsen ended up resigning late Monday night, after several […]