SV hurls abortion law back into play

NEWS ANALYSIS: Backed by his party’s best public opinion polls in years, Audun Lysbakken strutted self-confidence when he opened the Socialist Left (SV)’s annual national meeting late last week. By the time it was over, the SV leader’s most important issues had been utterly overshadowed by the party’s overwhelming support for radical liberalization of Norway’s […]

Parliament tightens its abortion law

A majority in the Norwegian Parliament controversially gave in to the small Christian Democrats party during the night, and ultimately voted to add a restriction to Norway’s long-standing abortion law. The change applies, however, only to pregnancies involving more than one fetus. The vote came after marathon debate that extended well past midnight. A total […]

New abortion debate stirs up Stortinget

Norway’s Parliament (Stortinget) is being stirred up once again by a new debate over the country’s abortion law that critics call “unprofessional” and little more than part of a “bidding round” for support from the Christian Democrats. A majority from that small party, meanwhile, was looking more likely on Tuesday to keep Norway’s current conservative […]

Abortion rate declines again

A steady decline in the number of abortions performed in Norway continued last year, and it’s now well below the number in 1979, when the country’s law that liberalized abortions took effect. The decline in abortions is significant, note state health care officials, because there are roughly 300,000 more women aged 15-49 living in Norway, […]

Party leader reins in new ‘crown prince’

The new “crown prince” of the Christian Democrats Party, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, has been a firm opponent of abortion but now his boss, party leader Knut Arild Hareide, has come out against controversial new US funding bans against even providing abortion information. That means calls for Norwegian aid to offset cuts in US aid may […]

Christian Democrats’ abortion reform met by protests

The Christian Democrats party continued on Monday to meet strong objections from most all other parties in Parliament, after it proposed requiring women to undergo a mandatory waiting period before having an abortion. The party claims it would give women more time to “reflect” on their decision, while opponents claim the party is just trying to make it […]

Anti-abortion pastor dies at 76

Børre Knudsen, Norway’s high-profile pastor who often resorted to radical demonstrations of his opposition to abortion, died over the weekend after a long illness. He may best be remembered for dousing himself with sheep’s blood in front of the Norwegian Parliament and tormenting young women by claiming that opting for an abortion was akin to murdering their […]

Politicians drop abortion referrals

After setting off massive political debate and public protests, the head of the Christian Democrats party Knut Arild Hareide has formally given up his controversial effort to allow doctors who oppose abortion to reserve themselves against issuing referrals for the procedure. Now no referrals will even be necessary, and women can simply head for a […]

Politicians retreat on abortion issue

Massive public protests over a controversial change to Norway’s abortion law, initiated by the small Christian Democrats party, were finally heard on Friday by the country’s Conservative-led government. Health Minister Bent Høie had gone along with the Christian Democrats’ demand that doctors be allowed to refuse to refer women for abortions, but the government could […]