Critics rage against new Amundsen film

Roald Amundsen remains one of Norway’s greatest heroes, a polar explorer who brought pride and fame to a newly independent country at the turn of the 20th century. A new film about him premiered nationwide in Norway on Friday, but got off to rather poor start. Norwegian critics have panned the film, calling it everything from […]

Sun shone for king in Antarctica

UPDATED: The frigid expanse of Antarctica glittered under blue skies and sunshine when Norway’s King Harald arrived this week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his country’s Troll research station. As he flew into the area that bears the names of royal family members including his own, the monarch was often grinning from ear to ear. […]

Researchers survive Antarctic crash

Three Norwegian polar researchers from Tromsø were on board a Hercules military transport plane that crashed after developing trouble just after takeoff from a base in Antarctica. No one was injured in the accident. Stian Solbø, a colleague of the three researchers at the Northern Research Institute in Tromsø, told that the aircraft that was […]

Race is on to make Amundsen films

Roald Amundsen was one of the world’s greatest polar explorers, most famous for beating rival Robert F Scott to the South Pole and planting the Norwegian flag there. Now another race is on to portray his life on the big screen, with no less than four different film projects underway in Norway and Hollywood. Amundsen […]

South Pole expedition ends in court

An expedition to the South Pole led by one of Norway’s most famous adventurers, Børge Ousland, continued in an Oslo court this week, after Russian members of the trek sued Ousland claiming delays, deficient equipment and bad food. Financier Igor Grisjkov and his assistant Victor Bobok are demanding compensation after taking part in the expedition […]

Chile frees ‘Berserk’ captain

Controversial Norwegian skipper Jarle Andhøy has been allowed to sail from a Chilean port where his new boat had been under arrest since last week. The boat was stopped by Chilean authorities after its recent expedition into Antarctica. Andhøy had bought the boat in New Zealand when it was called Nilaya, and used it in an […]

Chile halts controversial captain

Jarle Andhøy, skipper of two highly controversial expeditions to the Antarctic, remained in Chilean custody on Monday after naval vessels stopped his sailboat in Chilean waters and arrested both Andhøy and his crew. Andhøy, who’s already been in trouble with Norwegian and New Zealand authorities for failing to get permission for his most recent trip […]