More car fires during the weekend

As many as five cars were set on fire Saturday, reported police in Oslo. A burning car at Kampen on Oslo’s east side around 5pm had been preceded by fires earlier in the day both at Kampen and nearby Grünerløkka. The fire early Saturday evening was the fourth in Oslo in less than 24 hours. […]

No suspects in threats against minister

Police and their special intelligence agency PST felt compelled to meet the press in Oslo this week after Norway’s justice minister, Tor Mikkel Wara, was threatened yet again over the weekend. They’ve come under criticism for failing to avert attacks on his home. “We are investigating these incidents as our highest priority,” PST director Benedicte […]

Selje Hotel owner admits to setting it on fire

The owner and manager of the Selje Hotel near Norway’s West Cape has admitted to setting the property ablaze, apparently in the hopes of cashing in on insurance. Police describe his arson method as “relatively advanced” and believe his two brothers were involved. All three men have been jailed and charged with arson and insurance fraud. […]