Spectacular start to autumn holidays

PHOTO FEATURE: Norwegians all over the country are off this week on the annual autumn holidays known as “høstferie,” when many schools close and parents take time off, too. After lots of bad weather and heavy rain, the skies cleared over much of southern Norway and the holidays got off to a spectacular start, also in […]

More warnings posted for heavy rain

State meteorologists sent out yet another warning for extremely heavy rain for many areas along Norway’s southern coast over the next few days, and then they upgraded it. As much as 85 millimeters of rain may pour down on parts of Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark counties as two back-to-back low pressure systems move in from […]

‘Nordlys’ lights up the southern skies

For the second time in a week, the Northern Lights (nordlyset) have been seen by residents of many places in southern Norway as well. State meteorologists say the phenomenon spotted Monday night may well repeat itself during Tuesday night. “We can’t rule out that the Northern Lights will be visible again tonight,” John Smits of the state […]

Storm warnings posted again

Summer was abruptly called off and autumn ushered in by state meteorologists when they issued new storm warnings this week in eight counties. Rain, wind, frost and snow at higher elevations were all in the forecast as September got underway. The storm warnings were posted for Tuesday and Wednesday in the counties of East and West Agder, Telemark, […]

Money ran out for mushroom control, over protests

There’s a long tradition in Norway for heading into the forests at the end of the summer and early autumn to “sanke sopp,” or pick mushrooms. Some of them can be dangerous or even fatal, though, and now there won’t be any stands staffed by mushroom experts who can tell the pickers what’s safe and what’s […]

Fall colors keep blazing around Oslo

PHOTO FEATURE: The reds, golds and deep greens of autumn have been firing up local landscapes in Norway during the past few weeks, not least around Oslo. The brilliant leaves are constantly threatened by wind and storms blowing in, but the hills were still alive this past week with some breathtaking views less than an […]

Stormy weekend broke new record

The storms that were forecast for the weekend set a new record in lightning strikes in Norway, with nearly 18,000 recorded between Friday morning and Saturday night. Officials reported that the storms, though, resulted in more disruption than destruction. While the country’s population center around Oslo didn’t experience much more than strong wind, and even […]

Norway braced for big autumn storm

Even though some weather forecasts were still showing sunny skies over much of southern Norway during the weekend, state meteorologists were warning that the first major autumn storm of the season was set to ram much of the country Friday night. Strong winds and rain, especially along the west coast, were already being felt in the […]

Autumn arrives in all its colorful glory

PHOTO FEATURE: After one of the warmest summers on record, autumn is arriving around the country in spectacular fashion. Fall colors are breaking out all over, just in time for thousands of school children and their families to head off for mountain hikes during their one-week annual høstferie (autumn holidays). Journalist and photographer Marie Peyre just went […]

Wet and windy weekend on the way

A powerful low pressure system with what meteorologists called “large amounts of precipitation” was moving towards southern and eastern Norway on Friday, which otherwise had been sunny and clear. Predictions of an abrupt weather change brought traffic warnings as well. “There will very bad weather east of the mountains on Sunday,” Per Egil Haga of […]