DNB, Hydro profit amidst concerns

Not all of Norway’s companies are reporting dismal profits this week, as a flood of first-quarter results were being announced. Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, logged billions and exceeded all expectations, even as its own analysts predicted that housing prices are about to fall. Industrial firm Norsk Hydro, meanwhile, logged huge profit gains. “There’s clearly still good growth in […]

New leads in bank armed hold-up

Akershus police called for more witnesses on Monday night as further details emerged about an armed robbery and hostage situation at a Trøgstad Sparebank branch in Fetsund last week. Police believed a silver minivan was connected to Thursday’s heist, and have released surveillance video of the offender who was still at large on Tuesday morning. […]

Teen hacker believed to have planned new attack

Police think that a 17-year-old Norwegian who last week pulled off one of the most massive cyber attacks in Norway ever was planning a new attack when they arrested him in his room at home in Bergen. His computer was seized to preserve evidence and his home raided. More than a half-dozen police investigators and […]

Teenager set off major cyber attack

A 17-year-old boy from Bergen on Norway’s west coast has been arrested and charged for a massive cyber attack earlier this week that crippled the websites of major banks, airlines, telecoms and finance firms. He had also impersonated the hacker group Anonymous Norway, claiming it was behind the attacks when it wasn’t. The teenager, who in […]

DNB ‘most solid’ but shares suffered

Norway’s largest bank, DNB, has reported more huge profits in its second quarter and described itself as one of the world’s “most solid” banks. That didn’t stop investors from dumping shares, though, with the value of DNB’s stock diving 3.5 percent on Thursday. DNB’s shares were recovering on Friday, up 1.1 percent by midday, after analysts said […]

Extent of cyber attacks revealed

UPDATED: The cyber attacks aimed at central bank Norges Bank and eight major banks, financial institutions and telecommunications companies on Tuesday were among the most serious ever to hit the country’s online networks. IT company Evry said it was the first time an attack had targeted so many key players in the Norwegian financial industry. […]

DNB site down after cyber attack

A cyber attack against Norwegian bank DNB’s servers temporarily crippled the bank’s website on Tuesday morning. DNB said it was taking the attack extremely seriously and had reported the case to police, while hacker group Anonymous Norway reportedly claimed responsibility. The assault is known as a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, which basically means someone deliberately […]

Interest rates to ‘remain low longer’

Norway’s central bank decided on Thursday, as expected, to keep its key lending rate unchanged at 1.5 percent. The bank’s executive board saw no reason to raise or lower it, and suggested that any increase may come even later than earlier predicted. “The moderate economic upswing among Norway’s trading partners is continuing,” wrote the central […]

‘Heartbleed’ hits Telenor but banks safe

Norwegian telecommunications giant Telenor urged its customers to change their passwords on Thursday, saying it has upgraded its security systems. The security flaw known as ‘Heartbleed’ has exposed major internet services globally to the risk of user information theft. Heartbleed is a bug in OpenSSL, an online encryption security service designed to protect personal information […]

Biggest banks cut interest rates

Several of Norway’s major banks cut interest rates on home loans this week after months of customer and political protests. The country’s largest bank, DNB, cut rates by up to 0.25 percentage points on Thursday, but denied customers had been paying disproportionately high rates to bolster the bank’s equity and profits. Norway’s second-largest bank, Nordea, […]